Slack artinya lemah, lambat, kendur
Simak beberapa kalimat di bawah ini untuk lebih memahami maksudnya :
They moved around behind the tree, then the rope went slack and the ground smashed up.
Haxby United edged into a 1-0 lead over visiting Old Malton when slack defensive play let in David Thompson for a well-taken header.
There is plenty of time for storytelling as we wait for slack tide.
He tried to stand up to get in a better position, gasping, but then the Urg’s grip went slack and he limped over, dead.
If business is slack , plans for a new van are postponed.
They say they have no idea when or how Beggs got into the country because of slack EU border controls.
Hanssen was slack about ‘tradecraft’ because he knew just how remote the possibility of discovery was.
Previously, miners had been paid $0.39 per ton of large coal and $0.17 for riddled slack .
They deliberately built slack into middle managers’ schedules.
After a slack tuning (to go easy on the new strings), the instrument was pounded on by a machine to break the key mechanism in evenly.
When the tide turns and the water becomes slack , the dives are dull, with little wildlife.
They can still sell at a very handsome profit even in a slack market and some did.
One minute later however Leixlip went ahead again courtesy of some very slack defending.
Hearing this devastating turn of conversation, my jaw fell slack in disbelief.
The industry is still swamped with capacity, and the slack economy has slowed demand.
‘Winter is not a slack season for power use as many people think,’ he said.
The one thing we both agreed on was the slack service.
If you have quality, there is never gonna be a slack time for your restaurant.
She puts slack on the rope and tells the stupid man just to back away slowly.
So I wasn’t ready to be there, I was a bit slack , and I guess I was difficult.
Security at Frankfurt airport was incredibly slack .
City of York VIII crashed 5-0 to hosts Rotherham, the visitors throwing the game away by slackmarking.
We had taken most of the slack out of the ropes, but there was always some.
On neap tides it’s usually slack enough to dive an hour before this and up to an hour after.
Her face became taut, then she went slack with a strange despair.
And he certainly hasn’t been slack since getting to Calgary, either.
The sea becomes still – it is slack tide.
Five first-half tries put them firmly in control only for Salford to make the most of some slack defence.
If milk production should slack this year, NFDM could jump 2 to 4 cents per pound during 2005.
But getting angry with himself for making this mistake was just as fruitless as brooding over the slackbusiness owner.



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