Terjemahan dari tinge
tone, note, pitch, vein, tinge, ring
warna sedikit
paint, tincture, tint, tinge
mewarnai sedikit
mencat sedikit
memberi nada pd
Definisi tinge
a tendency toward or trace of some color.
there was a faint pink tinge to the sky
sinonim: tint, color, shade, tone, hue
color slightly.
a mass of white blossom tinged with pink
sinonim: tint, color, stain, shade, wash
  • tint, color, shade, tone, hue
  • trace, note, touch, suggestion, hint, bit, scintilla, savor, flavor, element, modicum, streak,vein, suspicion, soupçon, tincture
  • touch, mite, pinch, speck, jot, hint, soupcon
  • undertone
  • tint, color, stain, shade, wash
  • influence, affect, touch, flavor, color, modify, taint
  • color, distort
  • tinct, touch, tint
Lebih sedikit sinonim
there was a faint pink tinge to the sky
Sitting behind a computer, any shy or docile human being can become the world’s nastiest bastard of a hacker without even the slightest tinge of regret.
I didn’t feel the slightest tinge of remorse as I noticed the blonde hair swishing behind a tainted wall.
Ok, so I did something which to me is hilarious, but at the same time I have a slight tinge of guilt for doing it, because its misleading.
A slight tinge of panic had crept back into his voice.
It is this core belief that also gives his Superman a slight swagger and a tinge of arrogance, but also makes for a performance of surprising depth.
She had astonishing green eyes that had a slight tinge of blue.
She was thinking twice now… with the slightest tinge of regret.
She felt a slight tinge of defeat but then turned to see that over half her studio was cheering on the sidelines.
The perfect omelette is pale golden on the outside without the slightest tinge of brown, and soft and creamy in the centre, which the French term bauvese.
Unlike the stuffed one I saw originally, which had yellowed with age, the Nile Perch is silver in colour with a blue tinge .
With oats, the straw would have a slight tinge of green so that, hopefully, it would have a higher feeding value and also be more palatable.
It was then that I noticed her slight tinge of a Welsh accent.
If there was the slightest tinge of sarcasm, I missed it.
I still felt a slight tinge whenever someone said that to me.
The last of Mr Darcy’s lingering doubts faded as he saw her cheeks flush in the pink tinge of a blush.
We like to think that we write deep, scholarly, researched works, and that ‘journalism’ has a slight tingeof the superficial about it.
Though, as often, this fine stoicism has a slight tinge of the press-release, his grateful admirers can only agree.
He tried to keep his face stone, has he had during the battle, but a slight tinge of compassion bordered his eyes.
On impulse, she leaned over and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek and was smug to see a slighttinge of red creep over his cheeks.
The Ouse has been at a steady level for most of the week and still carries a tinge of colour and flow.
He corrected himself with a slight tinge of remorse.
It took another moment for her to answer, and when she did, her voice held the slightest tinge of anger.
Chase leaned back on the backrest of the dark brown wooden bench and rested his arms over it because of a slight tinge of exhaustion.
He had blond-hair with a slight tinge of red and bright cobalt blue eyes that took her breath away.
there was a faint pink tinge to the sky
He smelt of clean clothes and soap, with just the slightest tinge of oil paint.
It is often said that the elusive Ouse bream are more likely to make a rare appearance when there is an extra tinge of colour to the water.
The rim (where the wine meets the glass, remember?) is translucent again with only a slight tinge of green.
He was looking away, his cheeks flushed with a tinge of pink.



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