Terjemahan dari prior
previous, prior, foregoing
lebih dahulu
prior, anterior
lebih dulu
prior, forward
yg ada sebelum sesuatu
prior, previous
kepala biara
superior, prior
Definisi prior
existing or coming before in time, order, or importance.
he has a prior engagement this evening
sinonim: earlier, previous, preceding, foregoing, antecedent, advance, anterior
a previous criminal conviction.
he had no juvenile record, no priors
a man who is head of a house or group of houses of certain religious orders, in particular.
  • earlier, previous, preceding, foregoing, antecedent, advance, anterior
  • anterior
We talked about the prior – the arrest warrants that are outstanding for this individual, Edmunds.
Taize is a celibate, monastic community of men living under a common rule with Brother Roger asprior .
Ideally each software installation would be referred to a central service for prior approval.
Mr. Naess was equally vague about details of his prior relationship with the complainant.
His prior columns on tort reform may be found in the archive of his columns on this site.
The courts have also looked to the logical implications and extensions of their prior precedents in deciding whether a right is fundamental.
It does appear that, due to the patient leaving the ward without prior notice to the staff nurse, this routine was not carried out.
Although some winners were unable to attend due to prior engagements or ill-health, the vast majority of the past recipients of the prestigious award were at the dinner.
Brother John, who became the prior at Mont-Cornillon in 1242, must have been the first male to whom Juliana spoke regarding her vision for the new feast.
Research has since confirmed the importance of prior knowledge to reading comprehension across a wide variety of situations.
Almost half the defendants convicted had no prior arrest records.
The first abbot of Dunfermline was Geoffrey, prior of Canterbury, while David I’s Cistercian foundation at Melrose was established by monks from Rievaulx.
Those prior studies examined cases that were missed in the clinical laboratory.
What we are looking for is a prior statement inconsistent with her evidence.
The announcement has been made at very short notice without any prior consultation and has been a tremendous shock to those using the services.
At common law, the father of a legitimate child was seen as having a prior and stronger claim to possession of the child than the mother in disputes concerning the custody of the child.
Meanwhile, citizens with little prior exposure to the rudiments of democratic practices acquired repeated experience with voting.
Although the documents are not clear, most historians agree that he was appointed prior of the Dominican convent in Würzburg.
He testified that, in his opinion, this option was available to Mr. Lenz, given the support payments he was already making to Mrs. Lenz under the prior , informal agreement.
He was ordained in May 1953 and has served as prior , novice master and Bursar.
One person who presented his ideas on the longitude was Jacques Graindorge, the prior of a Benedictine abbey in Fontenay near Caen.
The seven subjects in this trial experienced the same general type of mild acute side effects described in the prior pilot clinical trial which used one-half of the dose in the current study.
The Chartreuse de Champmol was founded for twenty-four monks and a prior , which was twice the usual number in a typical Carthusian foundation.
I will not repeat the summary of the evidence that is contained in my two prior rulings except as required to develop the argument in this ruling.
But it appears to us that there is a prior , but closely connected, question to which the judge did not expressly refer.
When the student returns, she must be reinstated to her prior status.
There then follow 18 sub-paragraphs listing various actions or activities which are prohibited without theprior written consent of both shareholders.
The AIC is a self-report measure developed for this study that records injuries that occurred in the prior6 months.
I want to look Jason up on LEAP, see whether he’s got any priors we might like to know about.
It’s a diversion program, a deferred sentencing program, for ‘predicate felons,’ people with multiple serious priors and a drug problem who would otherwise be serving long sentences.
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