Terjemahan dari fug
udara pengap
fug, frowst
udara apak
fug, frowst
mengalami kepengapan
Definisi fug
Short for “Fugly”, or “Fuckin’ Ugly”.
Wow, that chick is fug!
a warm, stuffy, or smoky atmosphere in a room.
the cozy fug of the music halls
  • It is all a far cry from the old days of the 1980s, when journalists used to work in a fug of smoke in a nicotine-stained newsroom at the paper’s former headquarters in Coney Street.
  • People are shouting and swearing through the hellish fug and everyone seems to be called Jack.
  • There’s a warm fug coming from the busy kitchen, where, to the accompaniment of clattering pans, staff are preparing everything from fish fingers and beans to pizza, jacket potato wedges and ham salad rolls.
  • But the smoke was awful, a choking fug that made it harder to enjoy the beer.
  • There’s a warm fug in the lounge of the Acomb Working Men’s Club: drifting cigarette smoke mingled with the clink of glasses and neighbourly chat.
  • The experience is suggestive of walking through an inner city shopping mall before ending up in the laser-lit fug of a rave.
  • A personal oxygen supply or a gas mask are essentials together with a machete to cut through the cigarette fug
  • the cozy fug of the music halls
  • I found refuge in the staff room, with its smoke fug , low chairs and tea-stained mugs.
  • By my observation, made during many an unhappy hour spent sitting in the noxious fug of the waiting room, the interval needed by the doctor between patients averages out at about… ten minutes.
  • Surreal, then, to find a table full of fat men upstairs, shrouded by a fug of cigarette smoke, all tucking in to boeuf and pommes de terre.
  • At work, I smelt of developer and fixer and the fug of the darkroom.
  • there was a fug of smoke in the room
  • Desperate for a sign, I haul it upstairs to a bedroom, where I let a series of fags burn out in an ashtray, creating a nasty fug , then leave it on overnight.
  • The downstairs bar specialises in spirits from around the world, while in the Cigar du Vin the air is permeated with the agreeable fug of good cigars.
  • The addition of a bass player would probably make this music more conventional, like opting for the warm fug of a country pub instead of daring to go for a ridgewalk in blustery weather.
  • the cosy fug of the music halls
  • It took about 15 minutes, with the air conditioning going at full blast, to remove the fug .
  • It’s very important to ventilate: open bedroom windows so it’s not fuggy from the night before.
  • The wood burning stove glowed red, it was all fuggy in the cabin.
  • I was glad we’d specified the latter, since the restaurant’s smoking section, separated from the main dining area, was a little fuggy .
  • Perhaps the healthy option is to leave that fuggy pub, and go smoke a few fags in the fresh air.
  • Tumbleweed blows through bars that 12 months ago would have been fuggy and packed.



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