Terjemahan dari grovel
merendahkan diri
descend, grovel, cringe, truckle, abase oneself, demean oneself
menghinakan diri
penghinaan diri
Definisi grovel
lie or move abjectly on the ground with one’s face downward.
she was groveling on the floor in fear
sinonim: prostrate oneself, lie, kneel, cringe
  • prostrate oneself, lie, kneel, cringe
  • be obsequious to, fawn on, kowtow to, bow and scrape to, toady to, truckle to, abase oneself to, humble oneself to, curry favor with, flatter, dance attendance on, make up to, play up to,ingratiate oneself with, crawl to, suck up to, lick someone’s boots
  • cower, cringe, creep, crawl, fawn
This requires flexibility and upper-body strength, neither of which I had, and it was generally humiliating, especially when we had to grovel on the ground doing ‘power moves’.
Obviously a good grovel is as necessary today as it was in the days of serfs.
If they want me to get down and grovel on the floor, no.
Each year at harvest, the prince hosts a feast for the noblemen of the countryside, while the peasants who farm his land grovel in abject poverty.
He held his hands to his face and began to grovel towards nothing, his elbows resting on the grainy ground, tears clotting the soft brine.
everyone expected me to grovel with gratitude
She saw him grovel on the floor, begging for mercy.
Resilient than rubber, more sensitive than the world’s best radar system and forever grovelling at the boss’ feet, these modern Neros fiddle while the office burns.
An employee who forgot their password to log in to the corporate network would probably get a withering look from the support staff as they grovelled to have it reset.
They’re not servile and grovelling like the English are.
You groveled to him, so let him have you.
As he is a fictional character, there is no shame in your grovellingly subservient status.
In a sickening display of abject groveling he declared: ‘My behavior on this occasion was unacceptable and irresponsible.’
Does the potentate favor the most obsequious groveler ?
In yet another print, he grovels avariciously for a pittance at the feet of Prime Minister Pitt as the latter grinds John Bull through a mincing machine to produce gold coins.
He gasped as he saw her, and fell to the ground, groveling at her feet, pleading with her.
They groveled to the females before every song and it was just a lame rock performance.
Ed tried to wriggle and in the end started grovelling to Neil, that he was probably the best informed political journalist on the economy.
We resolved to show him and everyone else that the days for grovelling were over.
Since then he has become a serial apologizer and accomplished groveler .
Once he’d got the grovelling out of the way he was transformed.
The same speaker grovellingly agreed that guests of an Australian parliamentarian should be removed from the public gallery.
Other ordinaries say they will respond only on the basis of individual need; thus, if such a resigned priest languishes in abject poverty or grovels fittingly, he may receive some reluctant beneficence.
He is beginning to look like a recidivist groveler who should not be allowed any nearer the Oval Office than the public tour.
However, it sometimes seems as though a mere public reconsideration is not enough: we instead demand an abject, groveling apology and a confession that those who opposed the war were right about every last thing.
In Shackleton’s own words, ‘We had suffered, starved and triumphed, grovelled down yet grasped at glory.’
But while most of the defendants there were grovellers and bootlickers, he was not.
There was no strength left for crawling or grovelling , let alone swimming.
As a depiction of Labor policy, it represents one of the more sniveling grovels in recent memory.
In this respect he is indeed just like her: courageous and unbending when facing up to the weak, the workers and the poor; grovelling and sycophantic to the rich, the strong and the powerful.



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