Terjemahan dari eloquent
fluent, eloquent, glib, voluble, quick-witted
pandai berpidato
eloquent, silver-tongued, smooth-talking
pandai bicara
eloquent, silver-tongued, smooth-talking
fasih bicara
eloquent, voluble, quick-witted, silver-tongued
penuh perasaan
soulful, eloquent, lyrical, tasteful
yg dpt berbicara lancar
voluble, eloquent
yg mengesankan
memorable, impressive, prepossessing, effective, eloquent, showy
Definisi eloquent
fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.
an eloquent speech
sinonim: fluent, articulate, expressive, silver-tongued, persuasive, strong, forceful, powerful, potent, well-expressed, effective, lucid, vivid, graphic, smooth-tongued, glib
  • fluent, articulate, expressive, silver-tongued, persuasive, strong, forceful, powerful, potent,well-expressed, effective, lucid, vivid, graphic, smooth-tongued, glib
  • expressive, meaningful, suggestive, revealing, telling, significant, indicative
  • smooth-spoken, facile, silver-tongued, fluent, silver
Lebih sedikit sinonim
People would listen to them only because of their eloquent expressions.
She was softly eloquent , speech slow and hesitant in picking out the perfect words.
The testimonies of the young boys are quite eloquent of the systematic abuse spread over several years.
It was an eloquent speech that went unheard, except for the few of us present that day.
She is intelligent, eloquent , attractive, modest, and a strong advocate for her positions.
Pictures adorn many walls and words from many of his eloquent and inspirational speeches stare out from others.
The material is clearly presented and written in a lucid and eloquent manner.
The arguments from both sides were eloquent and persuasive, and for some time it seemed that the verdict could go either way.
Their three books together make a powerful and eloquent case for the abolition of the death penalty.
It is not merely that she is eloquent and articulate; she is also unusually shrewd and intelligent.
She was eloquent , vocal and strong when she championed the cause of her students and her teacher colleagues.
His eloquent , amusing, yet sad and sensitive writing raises many timely and important issues.
His writing is superbly articulate and eloquent , the essence of literary beauty.
His life and writings have given eloquent testimony that one may be both a man of science and a man of God.
The member who spoke before me gave us a very interesting and eloquent speech.
Her novels are generally escapist romances eloquent in their expression of the desires and anxieties of gender and race.
For all the eloquent speeches that Blair has made, the reform agenda can hardly be said to have gathered pace.
The Mennonite Church in Canada expresses such concern in eloquent , thoughtful terms.
This book is an eloquent contribution to the debate on the effects of a large group of chemicals and on the regulation of chemicals generally.
An eloquent powerful style portrays his sincerity to that which he believes in.
Barbara Stewart gave an eloquent speech on the problems of child poverty.
As far as the actual story is concerned, I cannot express it sufficiently eloquently in words.
It’s rare that we find a poker player who is able to express himself so eloquently .
Obviously some people can express these thoughts more eloquently and creatively than most of us.
Was corporate influence on the press, and its right to be wrong, ever more eloquently expressed?
Many other are more eloquently expressing their disbelief and horror at this result.



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