Terjemahan dari sojourn
stay, live, remain, reside, dwell, sojourn
stay, be silent, sojourn, hold one’s peace
stopover, sojourn, port of call, stop-off
Definisi sojourn
stay somewhere temporarily.
she had sojourned once in Egypt
sinonim: stay, live, put up, stop (over), lodge, room, board, vacation
a temporary stay.
her sojourn in Rome
sinonim: stay, visit, stop, stopover, vacation
  • stay, live, put up, stop (over), lodge, room, board, vacation
  • stay, visit, stop, stopover, vacation
  • visit
His short visit soon turned into a lengthy sojourn and the one glass of wine multiplied into many.
After completing his world sojourn , Guru Nanak Devji settled down at Kartapur and started leading a simple life by working in the fields.
Ms Brown informs us she was treated to a capital repast and sparkling company on the way back to London after her temporary sojourn in Harrogate.
Penelope and Helen had, during the week, decided that my rooms were a most apt place to sojournduring the hot afternoons, and the best place to try on dresses.
Government-owned resthouses like this originated with the Raj, enabling touring officials to sojourn in modest comfort.
her sojourn in Rome
The row of cottages in which the master was staying during his sojourn was a tidy line of fifteen along the edge of the farms.
Their Australian sojourn was intended to be temporary, but about half of them settled here.
A spirited spinster’s lively account of a sojourn in 19th century Tenby takes a fresh look at life in the town and the pastimes of its many Victorian visitors.
During much of my sojourn , travel will be in the major cities with only the occasional trip to somewhere remote and probably unpronounceable.
They sojourn to Claire’s new estate and learn that Claire is now a widow.
The first part of the journey will bring passengers from Kilmeaden on a riverside sojourn to the world-famous Mount Congreve Estate.
her sojourn in Rome
While all of Wales will be hoping that he enjoys his French sojourn , his raison d’ être is to lead his country to brighter and more successful days on the rugby field.
If only I could’ve cancelled all plans – as many guests do – and sojourned in Udaivilas longer.
During his earlier sojourns in West Kochi, Mr. Dryden met hundreds of people, interviewing them for a set of books commissioned by the Geographical Association in the U.K.
Well-travelled, her sojourns in Italy, Japan and India have enriched her visual, spatial and conceptual vocabulary.
The travelers are best friends, mothers and children, sisters, and solo sojourners , all responding to the ‘call of the road.’
On interrogation, we all admit having been bored during long sojourns in the countryside with no TV, but the boredom was only ever short-lived and children who are sat in front of endless videos and taken to Disneyland get bored too.
They ceased to be temporary sojourners in the cities, expected to return to the homelands, often inferior pieces of land far away from industrial centres and jobs, where they held permanent residence.
Mr. Zanussi who travels round the world delivering lectures on cinema, has interesting incidents to relate about his sojourns .
Chasseriau’s use of Roman architecture recalls a popular theme among French painters sojourning in Algeria.
This is a comparatively extrovert third album from the talented and technically advanced young Scots harper and pianist, now sojourning in Barcelona and soaking up even more musical influences.
In 1996, Weatherford made the first of many sojourns to Mongolia, riding in jeeps and on horses across nearly impassable terrain.
At the station she picked up the parcels that had come on the night train, still slightly dazed by her thoughts, picking up more stares than usual from sojourner and peasant alike.
The rest of the time, he indulged his considerable wanderlust and (I truly believe) his genuine urge to help people through various medical sojourns , long and short, in developing countries.
Between 1827 and 1838 he sojourned in Newfoundland, Canada, and the United States.
Her new name reflects not the past, but the future she carves out for herself: she would be an itinerant preacher, sojourning in various places and telling the truth to various audiences.
Inez wrote the book after a number of sojourns into India during the 1980s and as well as being an absorbing story it also takes a deeper look at issues such as globalisation and development that now affect the country.
He has sojourned in Greece, India and Sri Lanka, worked more than a decade as books editor at the Calgary Herald and now teaches in the Freelance Writing Program at Mount Royal College in that city.



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