Terjemahan dari detonate
blow up, detonate, set off, explode, blast, let off
explode, blow up, burst out, erupt, detonate, go off
pop, explode, detonate, let off, blow up, implode
erupt, burst, explode, pop, break out, detonate
Definisi detonate
explode or cause to explode.
two other bombs failed to detonate
sinonim: explode, go off, blow up, shatter, erupt, ignite, bang, blast, boom; set off, explode, discharge, let off, touch off, trigger, ignite, kindle
  • explode, go off, blow up, shatter, erupt, ignite, bang, blast, boom
  • set off, explode, discharge, let off, touch off, trigger, ignite, kindle
  • blow up, explode
  • blow up, explode, set off
Lebih sedikit sinonim
His task is to detonate a nuclear device in Suffolk, which will somehow scare millions into voting Labour.
two other bombs failed to detonate
a trigger that can detonate nuclear weapons
It was not clear whether he planned to detonate the bomb at the checkpoint or had intended to explode it at another target.
a trigger that can detonate nuclear weapons
two other bombs failed to detonate
However, no one was injured as one of the petrol bombs detonated inside the porch and another failed to explode.
This results in the stratification of differing concentrations of combustible material within the combustion chambers which is particularly suited to create detonative combustion within the wave rotor.
Rarely has the potential power of hip hop been so convincingly harnessed, with Chuck D’s furiously articulate lyrics detonating like bombs.
It has spurred India to go ahead publicly detonating nuclear devices.
Previously it was thought that one car bomb had detonated , but the statement said two devices went off.
The script uses almost every word as detonative symbol.
The good news, from it standpoint of the Americans is, that means that most of that lethality is wasted if you’re detonating a roadside bomb.
He was apparently waiting to be picked up by the general’s official car when the first bomb wasdetonated by remote control.
Security measures to prevent nuclear attacks must be continued, but we cannot rely on efforts to block terrorists from detonating nuclear devices.
The ‘boom’ of a bomb being detonated anywhere in the vicinity is also a sound I hope you never hear.
He reveals to Dan Jones how he detonated the sparks of controversy.
The tube is then subjected to a detonative shock from a high explosive donor charge.
One of the two suspects who detonated the bombs is believed to have died in the explosions and the other is still at large.
If it did smash into the Earth the effect would be like detonating thousands of nuclear bombs, killing billions of people and wiping out an area the size of Europe.
What if a chemical weapon detonates on a crowded New England dock?
Restaurant workers said more than 40 diners were inside when the bomb was detonated .
That accord specifically prohibited countries from detonating nuclear weapons in space.
They died after a suicide car bomb detonated at their checkpoint south of the capital.
However, I wonder if they are capable of making, assembling and detonating a bomb of that capacity.
I offer James’s recourse to metaphors of the mystical as an additional, radical instance of thedetonative effect of James’s philosophical discourse.
Pakistan and India declared themselves nuclear powers after detonating atomic bombs in 1998.
There is no gradualness and there are no countermeasures to a dozen nuclear warheads detonatingsimultaneously in U.S. cities.
Suggestion was made that the energy being produced during detonative combustion can be utilized for useful work, e.g. rock mining in a quarry.



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