Terjemahan dari repute
reputation, repute, rep, fame, name, credit
fame, notoriety, renown, spurs, luster, repute
nama baik
reputation, honor, fame, prestige, repute, fair name
assume, think, regard, take, presume, repute
rate, assess, judge, evaluate, value, repute
Definisi repute
the opinion generally held of someone or something; the state of being generally regarded in a particular way.
pollution could bring the authority’s name into bad repute
sinonim: reputation, name, character
be generally said or believed to do something or to have particular characteristics.
he was reputed to have a fabulous house
  • reputation, name, character
  • fame, renown, celebrity, distinction, high standing, stature, prestige
  • reputation
  • take to be, regard as, think of, esteem, look upon, look on
Those who knew him by repute , or knew him not at all, are similarly indebted to a man who did so much, either directly or indirectly, to make Australia a better place in which to live.
In a separate attack, Chanel’s Web site was defaced by an attacker calling himself ‘TheRegister’, which we are somewhat concerned may bring our name into repute .
Berni Searle’s emergence as an artist of international repute coincides more or less with South Africa’s first decade of democracy.
With actors of such high repute , the Lusaka shows promise to be a big success and will definitely leave many a theatre goer screaming for more.
He is a stockbroker house of less than perfect repute .
She was a theatre major, and a director of repute within the student body.
Sam is honored equally and returns to great repute in the Shire.
chefs of international repute
Even in terms of only modified rapture, however, Sebok’s musicianship could be judged as beyondrepute .
They had kept Tom in a tiny cell, feeding him nothing but a bit of moldy bread and some water of questionable repute .
Decent restaurants, shops of international repute , bearable hotel, excellent restaurants and the bustle that spells boom.
There is Pittsburgh, of grimy repute , recently named the most livable U.S. city.
Both had found work as ship’s boys aboard the same ship – The Bastante, a vessel of good repute .
On 6th January 1759 he married Martha Dandridge Custis, by repute the wealthiest widow in Virginia.
pollution could bring the authority’s name into bad repute
Last month, it decided to commission an independent review of the scheme by experts of internationalrepute .
She accepted gladly, vowing to turn the museum into an institution of international repute .
The speech is equally conspicuous for what Paulson omitted to mention about his industry’s own role in contributing to the low repute in which corporate America is now held.
In 1640 Edward Dacres published the first English translation of The Prince, but it was well known both by repute and in Italian and Latin texts throughout the previous century.
They work for Dr Sid now, who, despite his name, is a scientist and thinker of international repute .
Further accolades go to screenwriter Goldman, a Hollywood veteran of great and deserved repute , for accepting this script doctoring job, without which the film certainly wouldn’t have been made.
Her achievement was as a philosopher of international repute and author of 26 novels including the Booker prize-winning The Sea The Sea, three plays and six highly praised works of philosophy.
John Woo certainly lives up to his repute and delivers absolutely breathtaking action scenes and camera maneuvers, which are, quite frankly, the only aspects that keep you watching the movie till the end.
From a novelist of such great repute , In The Forest comes as a disappointment.
Springer will star as the Producer’s brilliant agent of questionable moral repute .
chefs of international repute
But great cars can also shatter reputations and fell giants, leaving a legacy of bitterness and ill reputethat throws a permanent road-block across promising paths of technical innovation.
A woman of ill repute , Ripples is a permanent fixture at Aldo’s.
Large firms may be held in greater repute , and corporate officers of larger firms may be paid more than others.
On the subject of the various reports emanating out of the North, he confined himself to the suggestion that ‘an investigator of international repute be brought in’ to assist in the Omagh affair.



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