Terjemahan dari challenge
challenge, dare, defiance
rejection, refusal, denial, repudiation, renunciation, challenge
objection, reservation, drawback, challenge, demur, reluctance
invitation, challenge, stimulus
warning, reprimand, reproof, admonition, wig, challenge
challenge, defy, brave, outdare
question, challenge, suspect, impugn, halt, hang in the balance
rebuke, reprimand, admonish, reprove, scold, challenge
boast, brag, challenge
Definisi challenge
a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel.
he accepted the challenge
sinonim: dare, provocation, summons
an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof.
a challenge to the legality of the order
sinonim: test, questioning, dispute, stand, opposition, confrontation
exposure of the immune system to pathogenic organisms or antigens.
recently vaccinated calves should be protected from challenge
invite (someone) to engage in a contest.
he challenged one of my men to a duel
dispute the truth or validity of.
employees challenged the company’s requirement
sinonim: question, disagree with, dispute, take issue with, protest against, call into question, object to
expose (the immune system) to pathogenic organisms or antigens.
The animals were not challenged with antigen after sensitization as the aim was to study the biochemical changes due to sensitization alone.
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dare, test, problem
question, dare, test, dispute, take exception
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Still, it seems that both teams have the capacity to challenge for honours this season.
Flames licked out, consuming the spiritualists who dared to challenge God.
he accepted the challenge
Last September Mr Justice Pitchford rejected their judicial review challenge to the Home Office’s stance.
With a sneer she finished and straightened up, adopting an air that dared me to challenge her.
Before the court now is the claimant’s challenge to both limbs of that decision.
In order to meet some aspects of the challenge to validity the claimants apply to amend the patent in suit to limit the size of the class of compounds claimed.
Acute antigen challenge of the airways can lead to rapid edema and appearance of plasma proteins in the airways.
recently vaccinated calves should be protected from challenge
Let us assume for a second that I have decided to take the challenge .
Colton still stood there holding the sword as if daring any thief to challenge him.
Unfortunately, Montoya learnt that too late to save his championship challenge for 2003.
The Bulls were expected to challenge for a playoff spot but instead got blasted early this season.
Backup Gus’s poor performance showed he wasn’t up to the playoff challenge .
In order to proceed further, you must answer the sentry’s challenge by entering the countersign
You hear stories that challenge you to think harder about who you are.
Many brave souls took up the challenge , but only two could succeed.
They do not have the depth in squad required to proceed in Europe, and at the same time mount anything like a serious challenge on the domestic title at home.
They challenge existing theories and accepted musical norms, always striving to keep a step ahead.
The effect of M. habana vaccination on protection against challenge with M. tuberculosis was evaluated.
Marka’s violet eyes glared at him, Simian’s light brown ones flashed at her, daring her to challenge him again.
I was thinking by way of challenge to the witnesses who were involved in the theft of the vehicle.
Deadly with a rifle and lightening fast on the draw with a pistol, few dared challenge him.
The 1993 election saw Prime Minister Keating fight a challenge from the new Liberal Leader Dr John Hewson.
Yet they gamely rose to the challenge , fighting the Tabs to the bitter end.
The steely gaze is now fixed on that medal and the message is clear: challenge him if you dare.
It was his brother, Matthew, an architect, who took up the challenge of linking the tiny stone school buildings and turning them into a home.
The coroner in charge of the inquest is facing a legal challenge to his decision to appoint 12 royal courtiers to the jury
Both mediators were elevated in patients with asthma after allergen challenge .
this is a great challenge for me
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