Terjemahan dari frizzy
curly, curling, kinky, frizzy, waved, frizzly
yg dikeritingkan
frizzed, frizzly, frizzy
frizzy, frizzly
Definisi frizzy
formed of a mass of small, tight curls or tufts.
frizzy red hair
sinonim: curly, curled, corkscrew, ringlety, crimped, crinkly, kinky, frizzed, permed
  • curly, curled, corkscrew, ringlety, crimped, crinkly, kinky, frizzed, permed
  • frizzly, crisp, kinky, nappy
  • If you let this hair go frizzy, you’ll be…
  • She appears three minutes later, her red hair all wild and frizzy , and her glasses askew.
  • Her frizzy red hair is all over the place and her glasses are askew.
  • She knocked three times before it was opened by a young girl with frizzy red hair.
  • Her hair was a frizzy mess of curls piled atop her head and her eyes could barely open because she was so tired.
  • And if your hair is curly as well as frizzy , its natural inclination is to sit away from the scalp.
  • Some of these are light in weight and can be used alone on hair that gets frizzy but becomes overly limp with more product.
  • Harder still is trying to turn your frizzy , curly hair into a smooth, straight and silky looking hairdo.
  • She tried to flatten down her frizzy red hair and tuck it behind her ears.
  • She was an awkward girl with frizzy , curly blonde hair.
  • People with frizzy or curly hair often find their hair unmanageable.
  • This page details specific techniques for straightening frizzy hair using a round brush and hair dryer or a hot air brush.
  • Ava strode through the halls with her face in a book, her hair in a messy ponytail with frizzy red hairs everywhere.
  • Her cheeks were red from the cold and her blonde hair was frizzy and hanging out over her shoulders.
  • She was pretty, with curly, frizzy hair usually pulled back in a ponytail.
  • If you have naturally curly tresses, you have probably had to deal with frizzy hair at some point.
  • Then I saw the mop of frizzy blonde hair, and a flash of red lipstick as she took a glance out of the window.
  • Her raven black hair was tangled and frizzy and had a leaf and dirt in it.
  • Only a small clump of blonde hair still remained in a frizzy pony tail.
  • Holmes is humiliated and treated with scorn; he is a flamboyant mess in flared suit and frizzy blond perm.
  • Her normally sleek auburn hair was frizzy and knotted and her clothes were wrinkled from a night of restless sleep.
  • Softening techniques can flatten fly-aways and frizziness by softening the molecules of the hair.
  • If your hair is prone to frizziness , sweat is your worst enemy.
  • Monica gets corn rows put in her hair to overcome the frizziness caused by the humidity.
  • I put beeswax in it when I travel to keep the frizziness down.
  • This will add to the sleekness of the style and control frizziness as well.
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