Terjemahan dari tramp
bum, tramp, bummer, vagrant, hobo, vagabond
adventurer, wanderer, tramp, hobo, gadder, gadabout
derap langkah
prostitute, slut, tart, harlot, courtesan, tramp
wanita jalang
tramp, floozy, harlot, prostitute, callgirl, whore
tramp, wanderer
wanita pelacur
prostitute, harlot, tramp, moll, whore, callgirl
wanderer, tramp
plaque, dirty person, tramp
wanita p
prostitute, whore, callgirl, harlot, tart, tramp
perjalanan dgn langkah berat
perjalanan kaki
hike, tramp
behavior, tramp, time, measure, manner, behaviour
kapal liar
tramp, tramp steamer
kapal pencari muatan
tramp, tramp steamer
berjalan dgn langkah berat
tramp, tromp, stump, trample
wander, roam, rogue, stray, range, tramp
berjalan kaki
walk, foot, hike, go on foot, leg it, tramp
trample, tread down, tramp
oppress, suppress, repress, crush, trample, tramp
Definisi tramp
a person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work or as a vagrant or beggar.
In this category fall some of the adaptive activities of psychotics, autists, pariahs, outcasts, vagrants, vagabonds, tramps , chronic drunkards and drug addicts.
sinonim: vagrant, vagabond, street person, hobo, homeless person, down-and-out, traveler, drifter, derelict, beggar, mendicant, bag lady, bum
the sound of heavy steps, typically of several people.
the tramp of marching feet
sinonim: footstep, tromp, step, footfall, tread, stamp, stomp
a long walk, typically a tiring one.
they start off on a tramp from Roxbury to New York
a cargo vessel that carries goods among many different ports rather than sailing a fixed route.
a tramp steamer
a promiscuous woman.
She is nothing more than a tramp that sleeps around.
a metal plate protecting the sole of a boot.
walk heavily or noisily.
he tramped around the room
Lebih sedikit definisi
  • vagrant, vagabond, street person, hobo, homeless person, down-and-out, traveler, drifter,derelict, beggar, mendicant, bag lady, bum
  • footstep, tromp, step, footfall, tread, stamp, stomp
  • tramp steamer
  • hiking, hike
  • bum, hobo
  • swinger
  • hiker, tramper
  • trudge, tromp, plod, galumph, stamp, trample, lumber, clump, clomp, stump, stomp, trek, slog,schlep, drag oneself, walk, hike, march, traipse
  • drift, stray, roam, cast, swan, roll, ramble, wander, range, rove, vagabond
  • pad, trudge, plod, slog, footslog
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Secondly, how come on the day of the royal visit there wasn’t one tramp or beggar to be found on the street?
It will appear to be just another tramp freighter, but is actually the disguised personal vessel of Lord Isloth.
When I left school in 1959 and joined the Merchant Navy, the cabin on a tramp steamer seemed like my first real home.
a tramp steamer
I would be damned if I was going to stand here and watch this tramp flirt with him.
As summer bled its long days into the shortening evenings of autumn, I’d tramp in reluctantly with feet squidging in wet runners.
What on earth was that little tramp yammering about now?
A good question, and in reply we ask you to imagine a tramp steamer packed to the gunwales with volumes one, three and five as we speak chugging its way across the Atlantic.
‘You dirty tramp ,’ she screeched, her eyes bugging out.
After the tramp had washed his feet and his socks, he tip-toed over the gravel to the grass.
the tramp of marching feet
Armed with a third key, I tramp up the stairs once more.
But he had to tramp the dark streets for three whole nights before anyone would rob him.
The hush swept across the great room as those near the entrance heard the first tramp of heavy feet.
I turn around quickly and face what seems to be an old tramp .
British shipowners, however, had been slow to build tankers and in the tramp traders had lagged behind in adopting diesel propulsion.
Blue armour was visible, and the tramp of armoured feet was just audible, even above the roaring storm.
they start off on a tramp from Roxbury to New York
The tramp of those pale feet might interrupt the flow of his patronising patter.
Poorer and sadder, the couple reunite and have to make their way home on a tramp steamer.
One of them is the guy the old tramp described.
The homeless tramp sleeps peacefully on the bench.
She’s had a lot of first kisses this year, the little tramp .
The Andromeda rescues some Wayist refugees traveling on board a tramp freighter.
When this tramp steamer went down all 42 on board were drowned, making this one of the worst WW2 shipping losses not caused by enemy action.
He could tramp through deep snow for hours without break, bitching and singing the whole way.
Nevertheless, I will not fear some tramp that basically grabbed my heart and stepped on it as if it was some squish toy.
I hold this household together and you better pay me back for what I’ve done for you and that trampmother of yours.
I rather thought you were more than a match for that little rebel tramp .
She is nothing more than a tramp that sleeps around.
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