Terjemahan dari annals
history, annals, chronicle
Definisi annals
a record of events year by year.
eighth-century Northumberland annals
sinonim: records, archives, chronicles, accounts, registers, muniments
  • records, archives, chronicles, accounts, registers, muniments
  • chronological record
the deed will live forever in the annals of infamy
When the annals of the history of Irish Boxing will be written the name of Michael Mullaney from Balla will be up there with the all-time greats.
To them it was a ‘red letter day’ that will remain in the annals of their history for generations to come.
In the annals of guests overstaying their welcome, this was a record: 1171-1922.
He endured more than the annals of history will ever record; yet, he has remained true and faithful to the church.
eighth-century Northumberland annals
‘The service, commitment and all of the hard efforts made by them will and have been noted forever in the annals of Indonesian history,’ he said.
Thank you Ivo, for your kind assistance in bringing back such fond memories of the great names and events that will be registered in the historic annals of Pattaya forever.
It was a day that would live in infamy in the annals of medical history.
The chances must be that you’ve never heard of Lorna Moon, but if ever there was a Scottish writer whose story – and writing – deserve to be rescued from the dusty annals of the history books and the margins of academe, it is hers.
eighth-century Northumberland annals
The annals of the marine record no example of a shipwreck so terrible as that of the Medusa frigate.
We didn’t have to wait long for the moment to come; the session was barely 3 minutes old before a new name went down in the annals of Commonwealth Games history.
In time folk memory faded and with the passing of those who had lived through the events of 1903 the Gordon Bennett Race became an almost forgotten note in the annals of Irish motoring history.
This gesture of literally taking these greatly stylised and exquisitely embellished collections to Pakistan will go down the annals of history for uniting hearts separated by miles.
With it, he etched mother and daughter – and the stark reality of their joint lives – forever in the annalsof musical history, thus rebalancing the scales of justice to the best of his ability.
Bumper attendance, close on 6,000, was witness to yet historic chapter in the annals of Tramore Races when the track hosted the first meeting in the new €uro currency on Year’s Day.
The jury went on to make note of Brando’s ‘raw hypnotic energy’ and his ability to create characters ‘that will live forever in the annals of film history’.
That all changed when I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a grand festivity sure to be remembered forever in the annals of history.
The latter part of the twentieth century is witnessing one of the greatest world wide religious resurgences ever recorded in the annals of human history.
the annals of the police courts
He will give you quality over quantity, abundance over emptiness. 1,000 years from now my father will be remembered in the annals of history as one of the greats of our time.
The Ingimund episode is largely detailed in an Irish annalistic source, but Welsh annals mention a battle on Anglesey in 903 where ‘Ogmundr’ was defeated by the Welsh.
Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain is without a doubt one of music’s most influential figures and his legacy will live forever in the annals of rock history, but in the talent department, Love is certainly no slouch.
Sunday, February 24th will be recorded in the annals of the Pattaya Sports Club history as the day it passed its 3rd milestone.
the annals of the famous European discoverers
Next Sunday is another wonderful chapter in the historic annals of Carrick United Football club.
The name of Archbishop Croke will forever live in the annals of GAA history because of the remarkable footballing cathedral which bears his name.
The first documented mention of Boyan is in Byzantine annals by the historian Liutprandus.
She first appeared in the historical annals in 1239 as a mamlukah inmate of Turkish or Armenian origins in the Caliph al-Musta’sim’s harem.
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