A Philosopher for Our Time

Soren Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher who is reputed to be the forerunner of the current vogue of existentialism. In appearance he was a frail and ungainly man. An extremely erudite thinker and writer, he was a potent force in propagating the new approach to live. His philosophy would excoriate those who believed that man could stand aside from life. In this philosophy it is a heresy to take a detached point of view; it is incumbent upon the individual to get involved. What is germane is not that we exist, but that our existence is determined by our acts. He was a religiously devout man who fervidly believed that the individual is always paramount.

  • reputed- yg dianggap terkenal/mempunyai nama baik
  • forerunner- peopor, pendahulu
  • vogue- mode, adat istiadat
  • frail- lemah, rapuh
  • ungainly – kaku, canggung
  • erudite- terpelajar, berpendidikan tinggi
  • potent- ampuh, kuat, berpengaruh, meyakinkan
  • excoriate- mengkritik, mencela
  • heresy- bid’ah, klenik
  • detached- terlepas, terpisah
  • incumbent – berkewajiban
  • germane- yg berhubung
  • devout- saleh, taat, bersungguh-sungguh
  • fervidly- dengan bergairah
  • paramount – terpenting, paling berkuasa



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