common, prevalent, usual, familiar, customary, conventional
general, common, public, generic, prevalent, broad
popular, favorite, prevalent, favourite
abundant, prevalent, plentiful

The racism our parent’s faced in the past is far less prevalent today than it was decades ago.
Hip fractures are also more prevalent in areas with fluoridated water.
Of course, the homophobia prevalent in the general population is the reason why the latents remain latents.
This is just another example of the insidious prying into peoples’ lives that is so prevalent in our society today.
Divorce is far more prevalent today, ending nearly half of all marriages compared to little more than a quarter back then.
So where does it come from, who is responsible and why is it more prevalent today than at any time previously?
Such intrusions are becoming more prevalent in society because of the advance of technology.
It has two corollaries that challenge conceptions prevalent in some societies and ideologies.
Which, some persons have been heard to observe, is why we have some of the social problems prevalent today.
Usually, caregiving is taken up as part of the informal set up of the family that is prevalent in society.
But crime is most prevalent in those urban areas where the multiply disadvantaged dwell.
Although the above only refers to the blogosphere, the same issues are prevalent in other areas of our lives too.
When not targeting suspected burglars’ homes, the squad patrols areas where thefts are prevalent .
A few samples exhibited particularly prevalent areas of endolithic borings around the margins of the rostra.
They have perhaps rejected the view of their parents or a prevalent view in society.
One of the most prevalent crimes in wide-open areas like Wiltshire is theft from cars.
Among this group smoking is less prevalent than in the general population.
Many such areas are forested, and human activity is generally more prevalent .
Scraps of food and paper were evident in in the lane and a strong fishy odour was prevalent in the area.
Pilots have spoken of the dangerous winds prevalent in the area where the friends were last heard from.
The former Christian Democrats who now populate parliament – on both sides, though prevalently on the right – have been said to number 330.
During the same period, this area of Italian Catholicism underwent enormous transformation, changing from a prevalently formal unified pattern to a prevalently pluralistic movement pattern.
Average HIV prevalences in the adult population of most sub-Saharan African countries are 25 percent.
They also declined in prevalence as the population became more urban than rural.
As you’d expect, the audience was prevalently female – the stampede for the loos during the intermission was a sight to see – but that wasn’t a big deal.
One major criticism is that I was not always certain that the research referred to the botanical species used most prevalently in Japanese medicine.
Thus, use of current estimates for the prevalence of passive exposure is again conservative.
As our population ages, the prevalence of aortic stenosis inevitably rises.
Ireland currently has the highest prevalence of asthma in Europe and it is still on the increase.
He did ground his teachings in the use of the rapier and started his practicals with the learning of rapier and dagger which were still prevalently used in duels at the time.



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