Terjemahan dari vapor
evaporate, yawn, vaporize, vapor, volatilize, boil away
vaporize, evaporate, volatilize, vapor, steam, vapour
steam, vapor, vapour
vapor, distill, distil, vapour
issue, spend, release, pull out, put out, vapor
uap air
steam, vapor, vapour
smoke, fume, vapor, fog, reek, smolder
steam, vapor, marten, vapour
Definisi vapor
a substance diffused or suspended in the air, especially one normally liquid or solid.
dense clouds of smoke and toxic vapor
sinonim: haze, mist, steam, condensation, moisture, fumes, exhalation, fog, smog, smoke
talk in a vacuous, boasting, or pompous way.
he was vaporing on about the days of his youth
  • haze, mist, steam, condensation, moisture, fumes, exhalation, fog, smog, smoke
  • vaporization, evaporation, vaporisation
As the warm air rises the water vapor in it condenses into clouds that can produce rain, snow, sleet or freezing rain, often all four.
dense clouds of smoke and toxic vapor
A gas is distinguished from a vapor in that a gas is above the critical point at which the liquid boils.
Ethyl chloride is a rapid-acting general anesthetic that becomes flammable and explosive when 4 to 15 percent of the vapor is mixed with air.
A nebulizer machine turns liquid medicine into a vapor that you breathe.
As water vapor condenses in the air each night, grass, plants and cars are covered by morning with a thin layer of water.
When you puff gently on the device, nicotine vapor is released from a cartridge inside the device.
A vapor is the gaseous phase of a substance that, under ordinary conditions, exists as a liquid or solid.
Having grown up in a cloud of nicotine vapour I am still thankful that I never succumbed.
I think I d have loved to be alive in an era of elegance and old-fashioned manners where ladies had attacks of the vapours and the gentlemen were just that – gentlemen.
Thomas Logan referred to the sometimes ‘ vapory condition of the atmosphere,’ which he associated with the tropics.
A cloud, a sort of vaporousness , redolent with fresh acrid sweat on top of powerful stale sweat, hung thickly about me.
Their coverage was dominated by the self-important vapourings of a stream of politicians.
What results is a super-saturated vapour , which cools to near ambient temperatures in a few milliseconds and condenses into the aerosol particles that make up the smoke.
Ghost apparitions almost always appear in a white vaporish form with a decidedly human appearance.
Air rising to pass over the mountains cools and the water vapour condenses into cloud, rain and, if it is cold enough, snow.
As far as my eye could reach, corn-fields, corn-fields, dwindling away towards the horizon in a vapouryline.
Watching the steam rise, she inhaled the comforting vapors and decided to take a bath.
Just stepping outside is enough to give an architectural purist the vapours .
‘If you have ever got the vapours when your teenager has stood beside your fixed-line phone making an expensive mobile call, then this addresses the problem,’ he said.
Adding a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water, or to a warm bath, releases the vapour , which is then inhaled.
Believing plague to be spread by swampland air, Doni described the most dangerous air as ‘heavy, humid, dense, vaporous , and never illuminated by the sun.’
Her vapory figure no longer wanders through the deep valleys or hovers over the waterfalls on the serene moonlight nights.
The morning sun was hazy, filtering first through low winter clouds, then through the bedroom window blinds, filling the room with a tepid, vaporous half-light.
Fire officials say gas station explosions like this are rare, but they can be sparked by static electricity or cell phones igniting the gasoline vapors .
Her heart lurched as she caught sight of a ship, hidden in a vapourish haze, emerging around the headland.
Neither of these vaporings has the remotest basis in the actual Constitution.
To listen to the endless vapouring s on the broadcast media, you would think there had been an earthquake at Holyrood.
Clark himself – who was so pro-Thatcher he had a fit of the vapours in her presence – was not a fan.
A few die-hards do start their exercises early, their breath turning to vapour in the cold.
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