Terjemahan dari pernicious
evil, bad, wicked, malicious, sinister, pernicious
bad, poor, shabby, ill, nasty, pernicious
yg merugikan
prejudicial, injurious, calamitous, adverse, damnific, pernicious
yg merusak
baneful, mordant, detrimental, pestilential, deleterious, pernicious
Definisi pernicious
having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.
the pernicious influences of the mass media
sinonim: harmful, damaging, destructive, injurious, hurtful, detrimental, deleterious, dangerous, adverse, inimical, unhealthy, unfavorable, bad, evil, baleful, wicked, malign, malevolent, malignant, noxious, poisonous, corrupting, maleficent
  • harmful, damaging, destructive, injurious, hurtful, detrimental, deleterious, dangerous, adverse,inimical, unhealthy, unfavorable, bad, evil, baleful, wicked, malign, malevolent, malignant,noxious, poisonous, corrupting, maleficent
  • pestilent, baneful, deadly
  • subtle, insidious
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Instrumental rationality has had a particularly pernicious effect on the environment.
What worries me are the pernicious influences on athletes like him.
Trying to keep out the pernicious effects of popular culture is a losing battle.
Equally problematic is the pernicious effect of bad design on the environment.
The register will make an important contribution to tackling this pernicious evil.
In fact, it can actually be pernicious because it covers up a reality.
I pretend to teach young people about the pernicious effects of a total surveillance state.
Over the past few months and years, some pernicious myths have started to become a little too popular.
The trouble is that fear is almost as pernicious as perceived danger.
Outside of the identity principle, however, the correlation is both pernicious and ethically dubious.
At the same time, the pernicious influence of new urban cultural patterns could share some of the blame for rural degeneration.
Yet this fear of the pernicious effects of property rights did not last for long.
Just putting some healthier options on the menu doesn’t counteract the more pernicious effect a large global corporation has.
It also stands for the complete victory of the Buddhist Doctrine over all harmful and pernicious forces.
Yet some faculty perceive the pernicious effects of these forms and want to end them.
He’s correct that the right of jury nullification trumps any worries about the possible pernicious effects of the drug.
At its most extreme whole economies are destroyed by its pernicious influence.
Physiological laws can explain the harmful and pernicious effects of deep breathing.
Instead, they say, it is a pernicious and widespread cancer infecting the media and political classes across Europe.
This new form of protectionism has an added pernicious quality.
She glares at me perniciously , and then turns her back, with a sharp exhalation, and her arms shaking firmly at her sides.
Their persistence perniciously influences mood and emotional regulation.
For the public service, the affair demonstrates its fragility in the face of both ministers and, moreperniciously , ministerial staffers.
However, geneticists began criticizing him for his antiscientific declarations regarding theperniciousness of genetics.
That message is not only perniciously false, it is the hallmark of the totalitarian mindset.
That kind of double talk, that perniciousness should be stopped immediately.
In fact, its perniciousness has spread well beyond startups.
The true perniciousness of uncertainty is economic in origin and effect.
At my lowest point I weighed six and a half stone, was perniciously anemic and got sent home from university.
Let us take the lead in recognising the perniciousness of an ethos that thinks it is destined to rule the world.
pernicious anemia, pernicious habits



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