Terjemahan dari convict
punish, penalize, condemn, convict, sentence, chastise
convince, reassure, persuade, make sure, confirm, convict
menyatakan bersalah
convict, felon, criminal, convicted criminal
prisoner, convict
orang hukuman
prisoner, convict, inmate, jailbird, gaol bird
yg dihukum
yg dipenjarakan
jailed, imprisoned, cloistered, captive, confined, convict
Definisi convict
a person found guilty of a criminal offense and serving a sentence of imprisonment.
In this open prison convicts live with their families, go out to work and pay taxes for water and electricity
sinonim: prisoner, inmate, criminal, offender, lawbreaker, felon, jailbird, con, crook, lifer, yardbird
declare (someone) to be guilty of a criminal offense by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law.
her former boyfriend was convicted of assaulting her
sinonim: find guilty, sentence
  • prisoner, inmate, criminal, offender, lawbreaker, felon, jailbird, con, crook, lifer, yardbird
  • con, yardbird, yard bird, inmate
  • find guilty, sentence
Do you have any idea how much it costs to keep a convict in prison?
He stayed there for a moment and took it all in, feeling like a convict making an escape in one of those prison movies.
As of 2001, drug convicts accounted for 57 percent of the federal inmate population.
First, he criticised judges for not convicting criminals often enough when prosecutors bring cases before them.
As the film is about a football game between convicts and warders, it also draws on the clichés of the sports movie.
The transportation of convicts had only ended in 1868.
The prosecution’s use of such evidence to stampede a jury into convicting him of multiple felonies flies in the face of the First Amendment.
They are lumped in with more high security risk prisoners – principally narcotics convicts .
Two convicts escape while handcuffed together, and are pursued by police and the press while attempting to track down their former associates.
Suspended death sentences in China often are commuted to life in prison if the convicts are deemed reformed.
But the jury rejected his account, convicting him of murder by a majority verdict.
He was not convicted of any offence, but the police refused to return the money.
With the help of a few survivors and the military junk pile at their disposal, they have to take on a prison full of convicts who now run the place.
If so, Morrison wants to know whether the judge who convicted him was aware of this fact.
The same result was reached when a judge in the Court convicting the applicants had presided over another trial in which the other participants in the same criminal incident had been convicted.
And some states are better at rehabilitating the prisoners and convicts behind the bars.
The Court of Criminal Appeal held that the jury acted unreasonably in convicting him of that count.
But there was no real private population here to provide support; he was as much a prisoner here as theconvicts .
Languishing in jail for the last year and a half, she is said to be sharing space in the jail with drugconvicts and other criminals.
Her most recent trial ended last week with the jury split 8 to 4 in favor of convicting her of second-degree murder after six days of deliberations.
The reality is that he was convicted of an offence to which he could have pleaded guilty.
He knew that the cheque would bounce, and at first instance he was convicted of theft.
Although he denied the charge, he was convicted of robbery and jailed for six years.
One day when Chris was at work and the kids were at school, two convicts who had escaped from jail broke into the Rodgers home in an attempt to hide from the police.
As of October 2002, there were 83 convicts on death row for crimes committed as minors.
Williams was also convicted of the theft of two cars and an unrelated burglary.
This middle-class morality also defined female convicts ‘ experiences of prison life.
For a long time in Australia, probably the main industry was the transportation of convicts from the United Kingdom.
In this open prison convicts live with their families, go out to work and pay taxes for water and electricity
At his trial, a jury spent 24 days considering a verdict before convicting him of conning thousands of Britons, many of them elderly, out of their savings.
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