Terjemahan dari hatch
hatch, incubate, crack open
incubate, hatch, cause to break out
incubate, brood, hatch, imprison
plan, plot, devise, design, schedule, hatch
scratch, scrape, etch, strike, touch, hatch
lubang palka
incubation, hatch, sitting
line, stripe, streak, contour, dash, hatch
scratch, scar, stroke, score, line, hatch
pintu bawahan
lubang di dinging
litter, brood, hatch
tutup lubang di geladak kapal
hatch, hatchway
Definisi hatch
an opening of restricted size allowing for passage from one area to another, in particular.
There are three opening ports on each side of the cabin trunk, an opening hatch forward plus the companionway for excellent ventilation.
a newly hatched brood.
a hatch of mayflies
(of a young bird, fish, or reptile) emerge from its egg.
ten little chicks hatched out
conspire to devise (a plot or plan).
the little plot that you and Sylvia hatched up last night
sinonim: devise, conceive, concoct, brew, invent, plan, design, formulate, think up, dream up, cook up
(in fine art and technical drawing) shade (an area) with closely drawn parallel lines.
the miniaturist’s use of hatching and stippling
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  • hatching, hachure, crosshatch
  • hatching
  • incubate, brood
  • devise, conceive, concoct, brew, invent, plan, design, formulate, think up, dream up, cook up
  • dream up, concoct, think of, think up
  • cover, incubate, brood
Lebih sedikit sinonim
After the young hatch , the female broods for 1-2 weeks, and the male continues to provide all food.
Dispatching him with one shot, Will closed the tank’s top hatch as he entered.
Nests were revisited on the expected hatch day and every 3 days after hatching to assess nest success and nestling survival.
But on his second raid, neighbours, alerted by the noise he made, spotted him squeezing through a lofthatch as he tried to escape.
We could distinctly make out the anchor winch, life raft holders and torpedo-loading hatch .
In 1993, the hatch leading into the space under the flat roof of the bay was about two feet high.
After the young hatch , the male alone brings food to the young and to the brooding mother.
The handling, for a mid-range hatch , is superb, with an excellent compromise between handling and comfort.
When the carrier insect feeds on a warm-blooded animal, the eggs hatch and the larva penetrates the skin.
Visibility is not brilliant, especially out of the rear hatch which provides a minimal view broken by the line where it joins the body.
After a few minutes mum would poke her head through the serving hatch in the wall between the kitchen and dining room, stretching her sinewy neck like a curious chicken.
The eggs stay stuck to the grass until the next spring tide comes along when the tiny larvae, half the size of a pin, hatch and are carried out to sea.
At the top of the ladder, Roy pushed aside a hatch in the floor above, and pulled himself out of the small area, looking around as he did so.
All eggs in a nest hatch at the same time, and the entire brood leaves the nest at once.
I managed to grab some photos but the flames were coming through the loft hatch by then.
The male is able to constantly monitor, and alter if necessary, the precise temperature needed to hatchthe eggs laid by the female.
Unbelievably for me I failed to put my foot through the ceiling, or fall through the loft hatch , or step on any water pipes, and every winter we are as snug as a bug in a rug.
Additional features include a serving hatch through to the kitchen and a patio door leading out to the garden.
Evan stopped Alex from reaching for the hatch to the access corridor.
A large picture window provides good lighting and garden views and there is also a serving hatchthrough to the kitchen.
a hatch of mayflies
Over a period of several days, the male frog watches the eggs hatch into tiny tadpoles.
The eggs hatch after about two weeks, and the young larvae begin to feed on the walls of the gall.
The family room, which has a varnished timber floor also, has a serving hatch to the kitchen.
There’s plenty of room for five adults to travel in some comfort and lots of load-carrying space accessed through that rear hatch .
The male brings her food while she is on the nest and continues to bring food after the young hatch .
He unscrewed the bolts that secured an access hatch to the wall and keyed something into a control panel adjacent to it.
The first model, called the MG Express, has been created from the MG ZR hot hatch .
We immediately got the people out and checked the loft hatch which was hot and you could hear the fire burning above.
So together they hatch the plot of doing The War of the Worlds on radio, to wow the studios.
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