Terjemahan dari despicable
despicable, disgraceful, reprehensible, deplorable, ignoble, ignominious
despicable, abject, contemptible, lowly, humble, vile
vile, nasty, vicious, despicable, wicked, nefarious
yg patut dibenci
despicable, execrable
Definisi despicable
deserving hatred and contempt.
a despicable crime
sinonim: contemptible, loathsome, hateful, detestable, reprehensible, abhorrent, abominable, awful, heinous, odious, vile, low, mean, abject, shameful, ignominious, shabby, ignoble, disreputable, discreditable, unworthy, dirty, rotten, lowdown, lousy, beastly, scurvy
  • contemptible, loathsome, hateful, detestable, reprehensible, abhorrent, abominable, awful,heinous, odious, vile, low, mean, abject, shameful, ignominious, shabby, ignoble, disreputable,discreditable, unworthy, dirty, rotten, lowdown, lousy, beastly, scurvy
  • slimy, unworthy, ugly, worthless, wretched, vile
I have a confession to make: I have recently been engaged in the unwholesome and despicable act of spying.
The manipulation of donated aid resources is a most despicable moral crime.
I was a student, and the way they dealt with students was despicable .
Police have described the crime as despicable and urged members of the public to help them catch the callous thief.
The roads have been in despicable condition for years and markings do not seem to exist at all.
This car belonged to a pensioner who has difficulty walking and, because of this despicable act, is now housebound.
It is even more despicable that there are some people who are prepared to listen.
The attacks are a despicable crime that will horrify anyone with any shred of decency or humanity.
The subsequent debacle of all three is farcical as well as despicable .
In other words, this is a revenge movie, which makes us the despicable , deserving victims.
He soon found himself involved in one of the most despicable trades of those days – slavery.
Of all the shabby, shameful, disgraceful, despicable political acts, this was as bad as they get.
This would encourage the victims to come forward and do much to bring an end to this type ofdespicable organised crime.
The way the council acts is despicable and should not be allowed.
These are foolish and despicable crimes, often carried out by youngsters from the area in which the school is based.
A despicable attack of blatant hatred has failed completely to tear us apart.
All right, that’s a pretty despicable thing to say and I’m restraining myself because you’re a friend.
Lies for no good reason are despicable and should be avoided at all costs.
This is truly disgusting stuff – morally despicable and professionally disreputable.
The way people across the district were left stranded is totally despicable .
I believe these brave young men and women have been treated despicably by our Government.
But this inspiring and moving parallel demonstrates yet again why he is so very, and despicably , wrong.
But out of sheer determination and a refusal to get dragged down by such despicably anti-social behaviour, they enjoyed the good times and battled through the bad times.
Instead he was treated despicably and I hope whoever is nominated to take over will not have to go through that same sort of public humiliation.
Their bleating about their efforts regarding problem gambling are absolutely, completely and utterly,despicably hypocritical.
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