Terjemahan dari opulent
luxurious, plush, posh, sumptuous, lavish, opulent
rich, wealthy, affluent, well, prosperous, opulent
prosperous, affluent, opulent, palmy, luxurious, well-heeled
abundant, plenteous, plentiful, lavish, affluent, opulent
Definisi opulent
ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish.
the opulent comfort of a limousine
sinonim: luxurious, sumptuous, palatial, lavish, lavishly appointed, rich, splendid, magnificent, grand, grandiose, fancy, plush, classy, ritzy, posh, swanky, swank; copious, abundant, profuse, prolific, plentiful, luxuriant, plenteous
  • luxurious, sumptuous, palatial, lavish, lavishly appointed, rich, splendid, magnificent, grand,grandiose, fancy, plush, classy, ritzy, posh, swanky, swank
  • wealthy, rich, affluent, well off, well-to-do, moneyed, prosperous, of means, of substance, well-heeled, rolling in money/dough, rolling in it, loaded, stinking/filthy rich, made of money, in clover, (living) on easy street, in the chips
  • copious, abundant, profuse, prolific, plentiful, luxuriant, plenteous
  • luxurious, deluxe, princely, grand, sumptuous, gilded
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Beyond the crack, I caught a peak at a room built purely for comfort, decorated so richly as to be almost too opulent .
It features opulent sets, exquisite costumes and lush Busby Berkeley-style dance sequences.
Zeng Li deserves praise for the sumptuous sets, and Jerome Kaplan for the opulent costumes.
The day after the launch, Mara is sitting in the party’s opulent election campaign headquarters in the National Treasury Building.
A professional and caring staff pamper spa and sauna members in the most opulent and grand setting.
The costumes, which have to be rather opulent to fit the period of the play, fill eight trunks and that is not counting all the turbans they wear on stage, he adds.
But the real highlight of the trip was dinner, served in the opulent dining cars by candlelight on linen, with crystal, flowers and silverware.
The Velingrad factory was able to provide replacements that respected the castle’s classical tradition and opulent furnishings.
The town became an opulent centre of a powerful and prosperous state.
Once the symbol of a rich legacy, they used to grace the opulent confines of sprawling traditional houses belonging to the aristocratic class.
While Dewar is seen as having been the most cultured First Minister, he was known as having found the style too opulent for his simple tastes in furnishings and decoration.
Bieito’s setting is a palatial private bar furnished with black leather chairs and an opulent drinks table.
He relishes an opulent lifestyle with palatial homes in Europe and America, private jets, two yachts and a helicopter.
And the hotel’s opulent dining rooms, with elaborately decorated gold columns and mirrored walls, serve good food.
This lavish, opulent approach – one might call it ‘good taste with good humour’ – is typical of her style.
When the rich buy opulent second, third, and fourth homes, they drive up the price of land and housing and force the less fortunate onto the street.
The portrayal of his relationship with his mother was moving, and the opulent domestic setting allowed the exploration of family relations to be even more cutting.
This time it was a confectioner’s shop, decidedly grandiose and apparently opulent .
However, the interiors as they appeared after the house was completed in 1902 were rich with color andopulent materials.
Each location and set is opulent , textured and rich, portraying a period feel while keeping a morbid and often gothic atmosphere.
The wealth from oil enabled him to head an opulent and corrupt court.
I bring this to his attention in the opulent comfort of the living room of his Holland Park house.
The nostalgia and tradition is reflected throughout the hotel, particularly in the opulently decorated rooms and suites, of which there are 300.
Unlike the rest of the Convention Center, which was opulently modern, the Auditorium seemed like a picture out of the early 1960’s.
The woman smiled with ambivalence and walked in, surveying the familiar opulence of his house, the shrine to his success.
Dance is only one of several disciplines covered in Goldberg’s opulently illustrated survey of the trends and accomplishments that have transformed the world’s stages in the past 40 years.
I was stunned by the opulence of Grand Central Station – I never imagined a public building could be so well-kept and clean.
She dressed opulently for no audience except the serfs, the slaves, and Arbitio.
But all is not quite as it seems – and despite the opulence of her wedding preparations, Felicia has some hard choices to make.
He sits down to take his chocolate, assisted by no fewer than four opulently dressed men.



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