Terjemahan dari aid
help, assist, aid, support, help out, contribute
help, assist, rescue, aid, help out, succor
support, sustain, bolster, advocate, favor, aid
help, assistance, aid, support, relief, assist
help, aid, relief, rescue, assistance, ministration
maid, helper, servant, assistant, aide, aid
helper, aid, recourse, rescuer, assistant, crutch
allowance, support, subsidy, grant, aid, subvention
help, aid
dedication, devotion, loyalty, aid, service
Definisi aid
help, typically of a practical nature.
he saw the pilot slumped in his cockpit and went to his aid
sinonim: assistance, support, help, backing, cooperation, a helping hand
help, assist, or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.
women were aided in childbirth by midwives
sinonim: help, assist, abet, come to someone’s aid, give assistance, lend a hand, be of service, avail, succor, sustain
  • assistance, support, help, backing, cooperation, a helping hand
  • relief, charity, financial assistance, donations, contributions, subsidies, handouts, subvention,succor, alms
  • attention, tending, care
  • economic aid, financial aid
  • help, assistance, assist
  • help, assistance
  • help, assist, abet, come to someone’s aid, give assistance, lend a hand, be of service, avail,succor, sustain
  • facilitate, promote, encourage, help, further, boost, speed up, hasten, accelerate, expedite
  • help, assist
  • help
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Healthy teeth mean that the child is able to eat a healthy diet, and aid the growth of the jaw.
A tailored exercise prescription, determined by exercise testing, can aid blood pressure reduction.
research was conducted to aid in making decisions
Please can you print a message of thanks to the young lady who came to my aid in Hawes Lane on the morning of Saturday, June 7.
Mr Conroy’s fishing partner was rescued by two surfers who went to his aid after hearing yells for help, police said.
Eventually, they turned to their church and asked for some financial aid to buy food and basics and got it.
When Creon kidnaps Antigone, the Chorus prays that Athene will aid King Theseus in bringing her back safely.
The Government must consider giving financial aid to rural traditional medicine centres which have been operating in the State since time immemorial.
The guests were all kept on special diets to aid their recovery.
Two passers-by came to his aid and helped to find the cause of his injury.
During the Civil War, he was an indispensable aid to his father during the latter’s tenure as Minister to England.
With the help of a nurse who came to their aid , they tried without success to revive him.
Idona, stand by to aid me just in case it does appear again.
Ms Kennedy said the service provided emotional and practical support with the aid of a team of trained volunteers fluent in many languages.
He said the World Food Programme was the only organisation supplying food aid to the area and that the community was willing to work with any other organisation.
Today, it seems, the people of Terence Bay have won back the right to visit their local lighthouse, which the Coast Guard still maintains as an active aid to navigation.
In the proceedings of the parliament of 1242, which were duly recorded and which survive as the earliest authorized report of a parliamentary debate, we find the representatives of the nation, after thoroughly discussing the expediency of a foreign war, bold enough to oppose it by refusing an aid to the king to carry it on.
It is likely the victim was the only person in the carriage because no-one came to his aid or offered him help when the attack was over.
In 1998, the Government provided significant financial aid to farmers.
Gerson said rescue workers were facing difficulties in getting aid to isolated areas due to the absence of air transportation.
she walked with the aid of a Zimmer frame
Fortunately two local men came to their aid and Mrs Christie and her mother were pulled to safety before the next waves hit the shoreline.
But her family, which includes five sisters and her brother, came to her aid when most of them put themselves forward for compatibility testing.
All that he had originally designed to spend on Malta, he would give as an aid to the queen, so that she might prevail over her rebels.
within six weeks he was walking with the aid of a walker
She finally reached the correct wall, the one beside the oak tree that would serve in concealing her as well as serving as an aid to help her up.
In 1678, he spoke in favour of giving an aid to the king, and the following month obtained a commission for raising an independent company of foot, and was appointed governor of Bridlington.
Mr Naughton said the facilities to aid independent living in the Dublin region were fairly good but across the rest of the country they were poor.
Student cooperatives were banned because, although recognized as an aid to poor students, they provided good places to exchange revolutionary opinions and leaflets.
Many books have been written and learning programs begun to aid us in achieving this goal.
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