Terjemahan dari lair
nest, den, lair, digs, breeding ground, haunt
lair, shelter
Definisi lair
a wild animal’s resting place, especially one that is well hidden.
What a desolation it has become, a lair for wild animals!
sinonim: den, burrow, hole, tunnel, cave
  • den, burrow, hole, tunnel, cave
  • hideout, hiding place, hideaway, refuge, sanctuary, haven, shelter, retreat
  • den
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Otters have been spotted on the River Calder, in Dewsbury, after a new holt – a lair – was built to try to encourage them to breed.
Sophia gathered that this place was not his home, but his lair , his secret study.
Then it’s onwards and upwards to the treetop scramble, with its rope ladders, wooden bridges and hidden routes to the little dragons’ amazing secret tree-top lair .
At his secret lair , Moltar watched over all the participants.
She retreats upward, seeking the seclusion of her rooftop lair .
What a desolation it has become, a lair for wild animals!
Her eyes studied more clues that let her to piece together that this was indeed the lair of the criminal they were looking for.
Two of Gordon’s enemies plot his downfall from their secret lair .
She hid the mirror in her secret lair , a storage room located in the chateau’s basement.
the badgers carried the food back to their lair
  • There he saw that his dogs had roused a wild boar from its lair , and he set off on a chase.
  • Bilbo enters the dragon’s lair , and steals a golden cup for them.
  • If she hesitates, the male again pops in and out of his lair until she is finally tempted inside.
  • And in a hidden lair somewhere, no doubt, Ron ” The Wizard ” Perelman plots his revenge.
  • he led the police to the criminals’ lair
  • Dacoits and wild beasts from the surrounding forests used it as their lair .
  • We have actually managed to interview him from deep in his secret lair somewhere along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
  • I am going to lure those fools into my top secret lair !
  • They would have no compunction about silencing a fellow countryman who’d discovered their hiddenlair .
  • What if they use these results to start building nuclear weapons in a secret, underground, mountain lair?
  • As it is an offence to kill or ‘knowingly disturb’ an otter, the developers will now have to construct a replacement holt – an underground lair – for the animals.
  • They must have taken her to the secret lair of the scientists.
  • Meanwhile, in a dark part of Earth, in his secret lair deep in the Bermuda triangle, a menace by the name of Hordas was plotting to take over the World.
  • Xavier runs a school for ‘gifted’ (read mutant) children that hides the almost mandatory secret superhero lair .
  • Doug built a lair , with a secret hidden entrance that only he knew of but his father told him to put all the cushions back on the sofa and chairs properly when he got home from work that evening.
  • A musky smell hangs in the air-not unpleasant, but more suggestive of a mammal’s lair than a bird’s nest.
  • About two minutes later he returned with two doctors from his secret lair .
  • So dark would it be that the birds would return to their nests, while nocturnal animals would emerge from their lairs .
  • Handfishers then dive down and reach into the underwater lairs , hoping that a monster ‘cat’ will chomp on the proffered bait – the noodler’s hand.
  • The film also recalls the elaborate assassination methods, secret passages and underground lairs that were typical of Rohmer’s contemporary Edgar Wallace, who inspired the then popular series of Krimi films in Germany.
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