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Definisi catatonic
of, relating to, or characterized by catatonia.
catatonic schizophrenia
Contoh catotonic
I repeat: a country this catatonic , this oblivious to its own safety and to basic principles of justice, has no future.
Acute and catatonic forms of the illness were more prevalent in developing countries, whereas hebephrenic and chronic forms were more frequently seen in developed countries.
The closing sequence of Requiem left me practically catatonic .
I should be listening to something more calm, but I’m so sleep-deprived that I’m afraid anything less screechy and nervous would cause me to go catatonic .
During the 20 minutes I spoke with her, my eyes glazed over approximately ten times and I had to be revived from my catatonic state with a cheeky mojito prepared lovingly by an evil friend.
Combining multiple worries can send you into a catatonic state whereby you are incapable of any form of remedial action to resolve your panic.
There are five subtypes of schizophrenia which may be noted: paranoid, disorganized, catatonic , undifferentiated, and residual.
They stare, near catatonic , perhaps shocked, as I edge in and inch over to the counter, where chocolate bars are piled in their original cardboard boxes.
We sat next to two young men, one was missing a front tooth, the other had moved past intoxicated into catatonic stupor.
For the first experiment, he selected a psychotic man with catatonic schizophrenia who had required intensive nursing care for four years and had little likelihood of recovery.
His loneliness is exemplified more explicitly in scenes in his apartment where he is sitting in his spare and barren living room while watching television in a catatonic state.
Every time a camera panned to a table its members looked catatonic , which is par for the course at New Year, but usually with a little help from a dram.
His leading men are two teenage boys who are so undemonstrative as to be almost catatonic .
Any dramatic or emotional impact is, however, entirely nullified by the catatonic acting, anaesthetic direction and droning musical score.
It was at one of those catatonic evenings when a dramatic turnaround was in the offing.
Symptoms often began as a cataleptic state with catatonic rigidity.
Although the DJ thing was so easy it bordered on catatonic , these strapping, earnest first-year university students actually made this cushy job a living hell.
The play is interesting as an exercise, but the ‘plot twist’ comes too late in the game for an audience that is nearly catatonic itself by the end of the first act.
There can be psychotic features, catatonic features, or postpartum onset.
Tonight, he seemed cadaverous and oddly unresponsive, almost catatonic .
The shark immediately becomes dull, unresponsive, almost catatonic for 30-90 seconds.



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