Terjemahan dari molest
persecute, mistreat, torture, molest, maul, manhandle
interfere, bother, disturb, disrupt, interrupt, molest
Definisi molest
pester or harass (someone), typically in an aggressive or persistent manner.
the crowd was shouting abuse and molesting the two police officers
sinonim: harass, harry, hassle, pester, bother, annoy, beset, persecute, torment, roust
  • harass, harry, hassle, pester, bother, annoy, beset, persecute, torment, roust
  • (sexually) abuse, (sexually) assault, interfere with, rape, violate, grope, paw, fondle, ravish
  • harry, harass, chevy, plague, beset, hassle, chivy, provoke, chivvy
Lebih sedikit sinonim
He said under parliamentary law, it was a breach of privilege and contempt of either House to obstruct, insult or molest a member while in the execution of his duties.
If anyone should try to molest him or thieve from him, the dogs were there on hand to attack them.
I know you didn’t molest him – we’ll plead innocent to that – but you did kidnap him.
Hoodlums also come at night to loot and molest the few people who have the courage to stay.
How dare you molest this young lady with your obscene and suggestive insinuations?
The army was warned not to molest the citizens in any manner, and the commanders were cautioned exercise maximum vigilance to this end.
Her mother’s lover tries to molest her, her cousin tries to seduce her, and she briefly marries an older man who virtually imprisons her out of jealousy.
We know that he was molesting him for almost a year at that point.
The man went on to explain that he had been molesting children, boys and girls, of all ages.
My flat-out belief, based on experience and the research is that every man who molests a child or sexually assaults an adult woman should be sent to prison, no question about it.
A doctor accused of molesting a patient walked free from court after it emerged she had a history of making sex allegations.
In a society where women are sexually molested on a regular basis, some norms for protection become inevitable.
By reaching out to her TV audience, she helped put two accused child molesters behind bars within 48 hours of the broadcast.
I hereby apply to have the said demand set aside and to stop the Defendant and their agent and solicitor from harassing and molesting me.
The cop had lost his job after being accused of sexually molesting a three-year-old boy.
In this respect I cannot but feel sorry for anyone who hates or molests any person purely on account of nationality.
The parents of a teenage girl, who was sexually molested by a taxi driver in his cab, are planning to sue Bradford Council.
In many, many child molestations you dig and you don’t have to dig deep, you will find other allegations in the past.
As a sought-after expert witness in repressed memory cases, she has been accused of sympathizing with child molesters .
The victim then told how the attacker molested her while asking her questions.
The new law would lift those restrictions in cases against churches or other institutions that continued to employ known molesters who went on to abuse other victims.
Those pedophiles were convicted of or admitted to over 6,000 molestations of boys and girls.
The girl, however, got the better of them by firmly planting herself between her molesters and the door of the cab, effectively barring their retreat.
The brothers all claim the molestations took place over a period of years, until they left high school and moved on to college.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children say one in five girls and one in 10 boys are sexually molested .
Their research revealed that he had been convicted in Grahamstown nine years earlier on six counts of sexually molesting young boys.
We know he abused and sexually molested children.
Above 125th Street in Harlem, people stare but no one molests you.
Before long, Arenas was imprisoned on false charges of molesting a child.
I don’t think it takes a psychologist to know that a man who molests children or rapes women is not well.



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