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Terjemahan dari tantamount
similar, equal, alike, common, identical, tantamount
similar, alike, identical, tantamount, conformable, coincident
equal, on a par, tantamount, suited, commensurate
equal, on a par, tantamount, commensurate
Definisi tantamount
equivalent in seriousness to; virtually the same as.
the resignations were tantamount to an admission of guilt
sinonim: equivalent to, equal to, as good as, more or less, much the same as, comparable to, on a par with, commensurate with
  • equivalent to, equal to, as good as, more or less, much the same as, comparable to, on a par with, commensurate with
  • equivalent
What do you say to those who equate modern art with nihilism and say its very existence is tantamount to the death of art?
Joining a dating agency has no stigma, it is tantamount to joining a private members’ club.
Going on holiday without a school’s permission is tantamount to truancy, said the junior education minister.
Remember, refusal to give a thumb print is tantamount to a confession.
Refusing a mortgage applicant can be tantamount to sentencing them to long-term poverty.
Would alcoholics seek help for their illness if doing so were tantamount to confessing to criminal activity?
Relegation is unthinkable and would be tantamount to financial melt-down.
The argument that giving the parliament limited tax powers would be tantamount to independence is nonsense.
Voting against the directors, he was advised, would be tantamount to declaring war.
Forcing a publisher to publish something against their will is tantamount to censorship.
You’d be pretty angry if your salary didn’t go up in line with inflation each year, because it would be tantamount to a pay cut.
In fact, charging people to use the road would be seen as tantamount to having an admission fee for entry to the town.
The report stated that much of what had been done to them was tantamount to genocide.
The court held that his action was tantamount to bidding on behalf of the vendor and he classified this as an unlawful act.
I remember them being everywhere when I was a nipper and a nettle sting was tantamount to being bitten by a dog.
Service in the armed forces can be risky, but it is not tantamount to a death sentence.
An industry source said the step would be tantamount to declaring war on the US airline industry.
When he signed up for the army it was tantamount to an admission that reality had intruded on his dream.
Dare to criticize any of those folks from within the left and it’s tantamount to McCarthyism.
The consequences could have been tantamount to a death sentence.



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