Terjemahan dari mingle
associate, mingle, interact, socialize, intercommunicate, assort
mix, mingle, commingle, intermix, amalgamate, alloy
bercampur aduk
mingle, mix, intermix, commingle, alloy, amalgamate
Definisi mingle
mix or cause to mix together.
the sound of voices mingled with a scraping of chairs
sinonim: mix, blend, intermingle, intermix, interweave, interlace, combine, merge, fuse, unite, join, amalgamate, meld, mesh, commingle
  • mix, blend, intermingle, intermix, interweave, interlace, combine, merge, fuse, unite, join,amalgamate, meld, mesh, commingle
  • socialize, circulate, fraternize, get together, associate with others, hobnob, rub elbows
  • amalgamate, commix, unify, mix
  • jumble
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But Reagan was not one to mix and mingle with reporters of the White House Press Corps.
She was unable to mingle with other students especially when they formed groups.
a chance to mingle with celebs
Not only is the business doing well but Gary also gets the opportunity to mingle with some of sports biggest personalities.
For women, one of the rules is that she must not mingle with women she does not know.
For those who love to mingle with the young and the old alike and serve with a smile, this is a good opening.
So one positive side of my dethronement is the fact that I can now mingle with the masses, thanks to my newfound freedom.
Having satisfied our hunger, we decided to mingle with the people we knew and endeavour to find out who were those we didn’t know.
I can understand why some of the other guests from the community were invited to mingle with students.
Prior to the meal and his after-dinner speech, he will sign copies of the novel and mingle with guests.
over aperitifs, there was a chance to mingle with friends old and new
Perhaps you, inexplicably, don’t mingle with people who watch kids’ TV.
Figures from the past, such as Ann, come to mingle with the family again.
Five lucky kids who vote will get the chance of a lifetime to mingle with the stars and give away an award at the TV event.
Bob got a chance to mingle with the ladies, and even got a bit of advice from his mom who made a surprise appearance.
What makes this place different is you can mingle with the artists.
It is one of the oldest pubs in the country and a favourite haunt of the rich and famous who mingle with the locals over a pint – or a royal gin and tonic.
You need never mingle with your fellow guests – your walled pavilion is its own private domain for inside and outside living.
The buffet was open and stars mingled with the riffraff.
I took it, but my relief was mingled with insensible annoyance at the trifling penalty.
I sweat like a racehorse, and very dark thoughts mingled with incapacitating spasms of pain.
It is particularly spectacular when they are mingled with your Christmas lights.
The smell of the damp wood smoke mingled with the rising smells of the wet trees and forest floor, and it was rich and pleasant to the nose, full of Spring and new life.
He also mingled with the children and joined them in the singing of carols and other Christmas songs.
For them celebration of her achievement is always mingled with recollections of their loss.
Their reaction, I’d guess, was a touch of awe mingled with the instant lift we all felt the moment we entered this space.
These migmatite complexes were mingled with the intrusive magmas that provided the heat sources for crustal melting.
Their laughters are mingled with the roaring sound of the mighty waves, which are much too eager to devour their easy preys.
The taste of the Glen Livet he had been drinking mingled with the taste of her champagne.
The smell of burning oil and steaming jungle mingled with the blood in Jim’s nose.
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