Terjemahan dari scrutinize
heed, gather, scrutinize
scrutinize, stare, contemplate, peer, regard, scan
stare, contemplate, peer, regard, scan, scrutinize
mengamati dgn teliti
meneliti dgn cermat
memeriksa dgn teliti
scrutinize, scan, overhaul
make certain, satisfy oneself of, scrutinize, look at through a magnifying glass
make certain, satisfy oneself of, scrutinize, look at through a magnifying glass
mengamat-amati dgn teliti
watch, scrutinize, supervise, superintend, keep under observation, keep
Definisi scrutinize
examine or inspect closely and thoroughly.
customers were warned to scrutinize the small print
sinonim: examine, inspect, survey, study, look at, peruse, investigate, explore, probe, inquire into, go into, check, eyeball
  • examine, inspect, survey, study, look at, peruse, investigate, explore, probe, inquire into, go into, check, eyeball
  • inspect, audit
  • take stock, size up
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Analysts in Europe scrutinize the NZ example as they draft proposed reforms to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.
customers were warned to scrutinize the small print
In a similar way, Botha’s use of materials coupled with a technical and formal capability allow him to probe and scrutinize issues inaccessible to those with less ability.
customers were warned to scrutinize the small print
Entering Indigo, I was greeted by the sight of many twenty-somethings’ faces either glancing casually at me, or, like several, scrutinising me all the way to the seat I took at one of the tables.
Every student dollar spent will be closely scrutinised to ensure that students are getting the best value for money and no money is wasted on frivolous exec pet projects.
In an attempt to counter this racial scrutinization , however, is the immediate disclosure of the subject’s ethnicity, listed directly below their image.
Throughout the nation, ballot box scrutinizers have received specialized training in advance and are directly involved with the government.
They stare out at us as though it is they who are the audience and we who are being scrutinised – and found wanting.
From the onset we have been subjected to repeated review and close scrutinization by individuals whom we did not feel were qualified to make such assessments.
This 25-minute piece closely examines, almost scrutinizes , a key scene from the film – the scene I mentioned earlier where Jake outlines the plan to his gang.
Most typically, Sherman has been compared to a child who enacts different roles, but she introduces the sharp critical adult gaze that scrutinises the changing face of the human condition.
Bankers viewed their role as conscientious scrutinizers of corporate loans, not as seekers of what amounted to kickbacks.
Farms nearer to streams are expected to be more closely scrutinized by regulators and, thus, under greater pressure to adopt BMPs.
Tooth-brushes are scrutinised for fear that the bristles came from the loathsome pig.
All submitted data were carefully scrutinized and checked for completeness.
Jackson grimaced under the scrutinization of his superior officer and knew that he was in very hot water.
While a few of his larger trades are victim to scrutinization , Ken has been on the right side of the fence more often than not.
Therefore, the Legislative branch checks and scrutinises the work done by the Executive branch.
The scan was scrutinized by a specialist in adult cardiology, who discovered a small hole in the infant’s heart.
Kyd’s drama thoroughly scrutinizes the pros and cons of revenge, both public and private, as it was denounced and in some cases excused by Christianity.
Another board of officers then scrutinises them and the divisional commander sends it up.
As a result of being scrutinised closely by public authorities at every stage, its final form was the outcome of a number of compromises.
Tradition too is an important element, more so when one scrutinises the fundamentals of the game.
‘The more we scrutinised traditional studio values, the more they resonated,’ says Thompson.
He spent much of 1899, when he was 32, steeping himself in the literature of aeronautics; hescrutinised the flight patterns of hawks, buzzards and pigeons; he assembled and flew kites.
With a 30-second spot during tonight’s Academy Awards ceremony valued at up to $2.1 million, advertisers will closely scrutinise the television coverage generated by the event.
The scrutinizers were subjected to an insignificant role, since scrutinized vehicles were ‘rescrutineered’ at the start line, thus wasting time and creating precedence.
After another silent scrutinization , the woman seemed to relent.
In this tight economy, the public scrutinizes art purchases more closely than ever.



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