Definisi wacko
a crazy person.
In any case, I do think that trying to characterize the anti-war movement by the wackos is just what I said: a misrepresentation of the political opposition.
mad; insane.
his willingness to pursue every wacko idea that enters his mind
whacko, nutter
Maybe agreeing with their parents’ wacko idea was going to be fun after all.
He is the kind of wacko leader that is very rare and perhaps not seen on the world stage for 50 years.
I pretended to be a reporter so they didn’t mark something down on DJ’s record like wacko parent.
We do get our share of wacko e-mails, but nothing on the scale you report.
Equally disturbing is what sort of messed up wacko ideas are floating around their heads regarding what is going on in the real world.
There is plenty of wacko UFO coverage, including remarkable photos of blurry lights that just have to be flying saucers, because it’s not like they could be anything else.
At least you’ll know you’re not the only one dealing with all this wacko stuff.
What separates him from the average band leader is his willingness to pursue just about every wackoidea that enters his mind.
I’d already done the book on Cobain’s murder and I didn’t want to get typecast in the book world as thiswacko conspiracy nut.
Amid the live rampages and wacko tracks, it’s important not to miss ‘Too Late the Hero,’ Entwistle’s best ballad and a technically complex number.
The silence is all the more troubling since in the past the US news media has had no problem at all covering other wacko conspiracy theories, ones with far less evidence to support them.
How long before someone charismatic, competent, and efficient takes charge of one of these wackoorganizations?
We didn’t mean to suggest that these wacko protesters represent a broad segment of the Canadian people, any more than similar groups represent the thinking of mainstream Americans.
I guess it was just a couple of wacko losers in Brazil with nothing better to do.
Still, you have to admire his ability to make a long established religion seem like some sort of wackocult.
Not some fringe wacko doctor, but a doctor with significant power over a large hospital.
If anyone seriously suggests that then I think they’re in wacko land.
You can’t go far wrong with a foreign policy whose opponents are mainly dictators, anti-American European politicians and leftist whackos .
I find it amazing that for a young nation such as ours, with such a small population, we have an abnormally large concentration of religious whackos .
No longer will they associate it with nutters, wackos and the irredeemably mad.
This is not to say we didn’t get our share of itinerant whackos .
A collection of awesome, eccentric, fascinating and completely whacko facts.
Nobody said anything scary, all the whackos were kept locked away somewhere.
I’m happy to coordinate a group working through the Forum, but don’t expect me to invite any of you psychotic whackos to my home for dinner and a movie.
It appears to me to be one whacko testifying against another.
David Burke, a creator of animated whacko content for TV, has assembled a few brilliant scoundrels and put up a site filled with juvenile humor and neat animation.
The seven-second delay is the system radio and TV stations have used for decades to filter outwackos and expletivists (hey!)
One of the perks of Adrants is that it spots new, whacko trends in the advertising world just about sooner than anyone.
He just wasn’t willing to break the law and refuse to follow a Federal court order, and for that outrageous sin, he is deemed just not quite nutty enough for this bunch of whackos .
At last the whackos were exposed, the pretenders unmasked.



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