The Perils of the Alphabet

Dr. Weston is convinced that the pedagogue is the culprit. Since teachers seat their pupils in alphabetical order, the “S” to “Z” child is usually the last to receive his test marks, the last to eat lunch, the last to be dismissed, and so on. As they are the last to recite, these youngsters feel frustrated because what they had to say had usually been enunciated earlier. The inordinate amount of waiting which this group has to do causes them to become irascible and jittery. The “S” to “Z” people also become quite introspective, convinced that they are inferior to those at the top of the alphabet.

  • peril- serious and immediate danger.
  • culprit- a person who is responsible for a crime or other misdeed.
  • misdeed – kelakuan buruk
  • pupil- a student in school.
  • recite – repeat aloud or declaim (a poem or passage) from memory before an audience
  • enunciated- diucapkan
  • inordinate- banyak sekali
  • irascible- having or showing a tendency to be easily angered.
  • jittery – nervous or unable to relax.



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