Seeing in Learning

While we are all cognizant of the importance for words to create certain impressions, gesture is relegated to a much lesser role. Gesture are important concomitant to even the most vapid speech, enhancing it and giving the hearer something to look at while he listens. The value of seeing at the same time as listening was shown when a class at a university, unwieldy because of its large size was split up. One group was put into a room in close proximity to good loudspeakers. Every nuance of lecturer’s voice could be heard clearly. Because they had no person on whom to place their attention, they soon took on the appearance of extreme lassitude; most students became lethargic and rested their heads on their desks. The separation of visual and aural communication tended to vitiate the learning process. The listening group received grades lower than those received by those who could look at as well as hear the instructor.

  • cognizant – sadar, mengatahui, having knowledge or being aware of.
  • gesture- sikap, isyarat
  • concomitant- seiring, hal yang bersamaan
  • vapid- hambar, tawar, tidak menarik
  • unwieldy- berat, susah dipakai
  • proximity- kedekatan
  • lassitude- kelesuan, keletihan
  • lethargic- lesu, malas
  • vitiate – melemahkan, meniadakan, merusak



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