Doing the Right Thing

The obstacle which frustrate the physically handicapped person who is seeking employment may turn him into the cynic. Too often a prospective employer, which a rather unctuous manner, actually tends to degrade the handicapped by proffering employment that is really beneath him and his abilities. The employer appears to be acting in the benevolent manner, but this attitude shows no compassion for he really expects the man seeking the job to remain subservient. This iniquity cannot but give the handicapped a feeling that he is being discriminated against. He does not expect a sinecure, but he has an aversion to the prevalent belief that he should consider himself lucky to find any employment.

  • handicapped- cacat, merugikan, menghalangi
  • cynic – sinis, suka mengejek/mengolok-olok
  • unctuous – bermanis-manis
  • degrade- menurunkan, merendahkan, menghinakan
  • proffering- mengajukan, menawarkan, mengulurkan
  • benevolent- baik hati, penuh kebajikan, yg suka menolong
  • compassion- kasih sayang, iba, keharuan, perasaan sayang
  • subservient- patuh, berguna, merendahkan diri, yg bersikap tunduk
  • iniquity- kejahatan, ketidakadilan, kelaliman, kebengisan
  • sinecure- pekerjaan yg amat enteng, hal mendapat gaji tanpa kerja
  • aversion – keengganan, kebencian, a strong dislike or disinclination.



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