Have We Mastered Our Environment?

Natural disasters tend to nullify the best efforts of mankind. It is as though there are forces at work that are contemptuous of our proud achievements. Who has not read of or seen the waters which deluge our towns and cities, jeopardizing lives and culminating in the destruction of the results of endless work in the space of a few moments? We are all vulnerable to feeling or futility as we view the carnage caused to cattle from the sudden inundation. Despite the laudable advances made in technology, it can be seen that we cannot yet say we have mastered our environment. Disaster of this type, leaving only pathetic vestiges of homes and shops, are accepted as inevitable, and all we can do is to attempt to ameliorate the conditions that results.

Haven’t you met one of these “new words” before? Sure you have.

  • nullify- membatalkan, menghapuskan, meniadakan, make legally null and void; invalidate
  • contemptuous – sombong, yg memandang hina/merendahkan
  • deluge – banjir, air bah, hujan deras, a severe flood.
  • carnage – pembantaian, pembunuhan massal/besar-besaran
  • inundate- membanjiri
  • inundation – pembanjiran, penggenangan
  • laudable- terpuji, yg patut dipuji/dihormati/dimuliakan
  • vestiges – sisa, bekas, tanda, jejak
  • inevitable- yg tak dapat dielakan/dihindari/pasti terjadi
  • ameliorate – memperbaiki, mempertajam, menjadi lebih senang/baik



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