Procrastinate artinya menunda-nunda
menunda :delay, put off, postpone, suspend, defer, procrastinate
berlengah-lengah : dawdle, hang about, hover, procrastinate, dilly-dally
menangguh-nangguhkan : procrastinate



  • When you’re under too much emotional stress, you vacillate and procrastinate , especially when it has something to do with money.
  • When asked to do something, they say they will do it but procrastinate until someone else does it.
  • Insensitive bureaucrats in the capital should not be allowed to procrastinate and thereby delay the delivery of food to the needy.
  • the temptation will be to procrastinate until the power struggle plays itself out
  • He always used his religious vow of rest as an excuse to procrastinate until one or two the night after Sunday.
  • The tendency has been to ignore or procrastinate until intervention becomes the least unattractive course of action.
  • it won’t be this price for long, so don’t procrastinate
  • The moment of grim realisation that I was procrastinating in an obsessive fashion came standing at the sink one day, when I caught myself polishing the cutlery.
  • Actually I shall probably take advantage of a little light dialup for a while, so frantic procrastinatory posting may well still regularly occur.
  • But instead it has procrastinated and delayed, to the ever-increasing cost of the taxpayer.
  • For procrastinators , 50 per cent of all tickets are held back until an hour before the performance, to be sold at the venue.
  • You know there are people who, despite promising they’ll do things earlier and stop procrastinating , always still leave things to the last possible moment?
  • You see, I have this study schedule all planned out to compensate for my procrastinatory tendencies.
  • I need to quit procrastinating and sit down with all the prospectuses, leaflets and my notes from the two universities I’m considering as my first choice.
  • I’ve learned that after procrastinating for three hours and finally completing an essay at 1am, kebabs are the best food anyone could ask for.
  • Of course I procrastinated until till the last minute, who in high school doesn’t?
  • Indecision and inaction can lead to bigger problems in business so avoid procrastination and delay.
  • Serves me right for procrastinating when I had the time.
  • Most importantly, procrastinatory behaviour is based on perceived workloads and deadlines, and it can not be assumed that perceptions are always perfect.
  • At least once or twice, most of us have procrastinated until the eleventh hour and then we rush to meet an obligation or responsibility.
  • I ought also to catalogue my entire CD collection for insurance purposes but I’m not currently in need of THAT much procrastinatory activity.
  • During our dinner she admitted that she had procrastinated until the whole idea of building a business had retreated into nothingness.
  • Since it turned out I spent more time procrastinating instead of actually doing anything, I decided to finally finish my Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • As if this delay was not enough it was further compounded by procrastination in implementing the action recommended.
  • With this essay, I would have taken procrastination and apathy to new heights, but I never got round to bothering.
  • I guess we’re all avoiders and procrastinators , but those who come to my corner of the university have turned it into an art, to the extent that that’s why they’re here, really.
  • Maybe it’ll help a few aspiring writers realize they’re not alone in their procrastinations .
    The colonial powers procrastinated , either by inefficiency or intent (perhaps thinking they would get them for nothing if they did not pay).
  • Apparently, we are not only procrastinators and malingerers but a bunch of lily-livered
  • cowards because going to the dentist tops the list, followed by exercising and saving money.
  • Most of you have sent out your invites to your respective Oscar soirées already, but to those procrastinators (like me), here are some invite suggestions, taken from my very own experiences.




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