Terjemahan dari vault
dome, vault, cupola, turret, vaulting
jump, skip, hop, vault, leap, caper
leap, jump, hop, skip, bound, vault
leap, jump, hop, bound, spring, vault
pit, vault, hollow
ruang besi
jump, skip, hop, caper, leap, vault
vault, surround
skip, jump, jump over, leap, vault, leapfrog
jump over, jump, skip, leapfrog, leap, vault
meloncat dgn galah
vault, pole-jump, pole-vault
Definisi vault
a roof in the form of an arch or a series of arches, typical of churches and other large, formal buildings.
Gothic architecture has a particular look: the pointed or ogival arch, ribbed vaults , rose windows, towers, and tremendous height in the nave, supported by flying buttresses.
sinonim: arched roof, dome, arch
a large room or chamber used for storage, especially an underground one.
In recent years the British Museum the V&A and the Dulwich Picture Gallery have all reported losses from open displays or storage vaults .
sinonim: cellar, basement, underground chamber, crypt, catacomb, burial chamber
an act of vaulting.
Hatch didn’t get her usual height or distance on her vault , and she also took a step after her landing.
provide (a building or room) with an arched roof or roofs.
a vaulted arcade
leap or spring while supporting or propelling oneself with one or both hands or with the help of a pole.
he vaulted over the gate
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  • arched roof, dome, arch
  • cellar, basement, underground chamber, crypt, catacomb, burial chamber
  • safe, safety deposit box, repository, coffer, strongroom
  • hurdle
  • jump over, leap over, spring over, bound over, hurdle, clear
  • overleap
Some were dug directly in the earth, others brick-lined to make a family vault .
Though the bank was looted, the vault miraculously remained secure.
The star of the 4-2 Wembley win over West Germany had kept the medal in a bank vault but the Hammers want the commemorative piece to form one of the main attractions in the club museum.
The film was one of the best-loved screen hits of the 60s, as a gang swipes a stash of gold bullion from a bank vault in Turin.
Archaeologists believe they have recovered the bones of Mozart’s niece from the family vault and will perform DNA tests.
The skull appeared diffusely thickened on radiographs and CT scans throughout the entire cranial vault.
Physicians rely on digital examination to diagnose and assess prolapse of the vaginal vault .
Outside, there were a few unimpressive clouds seeming lost in the vault of the sky.
In the middle of the building was a weapons storage vault .
In 1979, after rumours that manuscripts were buried in his family vault , his coffin was opened.
The above ground extra story housed the kitchen and a stone and brick storage vault .
There is a noticeable acoustic difference between a church with a wooden roof and a similar building with a stone vault , as many choristers will testify.
In the pre-industrial age, the structural form that was used for the widest spans was the masonry vaultor dome.
On that occasion the ballot boxes had been locked in a huge official steel and concrete vault .
At surgery, there was a significant deformity of the cranial vault at the level of the occiput and first and second cervical vertebrae.
Hutton was buried in the family vault at Charlton in Kent.
Some of the worst damage caused at the graveyard was to a vault belonging to Peter O’Connor.
a Gothic ribbed vault
His progress was briefly thwarted by the locked gate, but he managed to vault the boundary wall without breaking a sweat and disappeared down the road at superhuman speed.
The bones of the cranium are divided into the skull base and the calvarial vault .
The owner of the fossil kept it locked away in a bank vault so no one has ever been able to verify it – until now.
The vault in the upper basilica partially collapsed bringing two diagonally opposite quadrants in the east end and nave of the main vault crashing 22 metres to the floor, where they broke into thousands of pieces.
For almost 80 years it has remained hidden from the public’s view, wrapped in newspaper in a bankvault at a secret location in Yorkshire.
By parliamentary dispensation, he was buried in the family vault in Wimborne Minister.
He was buried in the family vault in the church at Bawdsey, Suffolk.
The stair is elegantly made, a light filigree of steel rod and plates that contrasts with the heavy concrete solidity of the vault .
A broad smile broke out on Deferr’s face the moment his closest rival, Romania’s Marian Dragulescu stumbled on landing after his second vault to finish third.
the vault of heaven
By the time his body was laid to rest in the family vault in Paddington Old Churchyard in August 1780, he appears to have been impoverished and did not leave a will.
He remained unmarried and is buried in a family vault of St John’s Church of England cemetery, Campbelltown.
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