Terjemahan dari thrive
evolve, thrive, flourish, progress, bloom, unfold
advance, progress, go forward, go ahead, come forward, thrive
succeed, manage, be successful, work out, thrive, be a success
tumbuh dgn subur
flourish, thrive
Definisi thrive
(of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.
the new baby thrived
  • flourish, prosper, burgeon, bloom, blossom, mushroom, do well, advance, succeed, boom
  • expand, boom, flourish
  • fly high, prosper, flourish
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Such is the lot of the actor, who must thrive on myriad challenges.
There is also no doubt that certain sections of the media thrive on controversy rather than the positive aspects of the game.
You must thrive on the knowledge that you can bully someone and get so many sycophants to follow suit.
Cereals, beans, and vines thrive in between clumps of eucalyptus on the heavy but fertile clay soils.
It’s the underground genres that thrive on the Internet and the record labels know it.
You get the feeling that daily dilemmas are grist to the mill for Singh, who seems to thrive on the push and pull of the restaurant trade.
Those who thrive on glib pronouncements about the role of renewables should carry out the occasional reality check.
There is hope even for the thrill-seekers who thrive on the chaos – but not for adult serial arsonists.
Bees thrive in London: they have a far better choice of flowers than their country cousins.
Barn owls thrive in and around human settlements in villages, towns and cities.
They thrive on misinformation, on twisting the truth to suit their nefarious ends.
It’s not that I find such constant flux unpleasant – to a certain extent I thrive on it.
They thrive on speculation and controversy and highlight divisions, issues and problems.
But literary journals and magazines have their own set of readers and thrive on them.
Fortunately, Pearson seems to thrive on the insecurity of the actor’s life.
That human minds thrive on aesthetics is a curse when trying to comprehend new surroundings.
They differ from land forests because of the soil types and the fact that the plant life and trees thrive in salt water.
If truth must be an exile from the mainstream of politics, let it thrive on the margins.
Vigilance by all who want to see these wonderful creatures thrive into the future is still in order.
Once again, these B-grade luxury goods sellers thrive on the naiveness of tourists.
education groups thrive on organization
Moneyed big companies seem to almost thrive on residents’ apathy and the sentiment that the worst is as good as done.
education groups thrive on organization
The fanatics who buy into the al-Qaeda ideology thrive on anger and hate.
It can mean anything which helps a family to function and where children thrive .
Society should recognise that a child may thrive in any number of different family structures.
His monopoly, they say, was threatening to kill off any semblance of competition in a discipline that used to thrive on it.
It is a short step from there to realising that then we also cannot hate those who thrive on spreading hatred.
This extremely winter-hardy species thrives in a lightly shaded location.
His children thrived and Heshu went on to study at the William Morris Academy in Fulham, south-west London.



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