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It is difficult to change someone‘s opinion by badgering him. The child who begs his mother to “get off his back” when she implores him for some assistance with the household drudgery, may very well plead interminably for some special privilege when he wants something for himself. How paradoxical that neither is able to perceive that no one likes being nagged.


Kalau kita lihat di kamus, badger artinya :

  • mendesak
  • merengek-rengek
  • mengganggu-ganggu
  • menyusahkan

Pada paragraf di atas, terjemah kata yang tepat untuk badgering adalah meminta dengan cara mendesak hingga merengek-rengek hingga pihak yang dimintanya merasa kesal. Kira-kira gambarannya seperti itu. Setuju? 😀

Ada arti lain dari “badger” kalau berfungsi sebagai kata benda. Badger artinya luwak, bisa juga berarti tukang bakul beras atau jagung. 

Bedanya jauh ya? Memang. itu sebabnya kita butuh kalimat lengkap untuk memahami arti kata bahasa Inggris. 

Contoh-contoh Kalimat

  • This is certainly the case with one of my favourite mammals – the badger .
  • They are carnivores like the stoat, weasel, otter and badger .
  • badger ‘s coat looks grey, but the individual hairs are black and white.
  • The badger , by contrast, is of the weasel family Mustelidae, order Carnivora.
  • But magistrates also heard no licence was applied for by Barratts to protect the badgers under the 1992 Badgers Act.
  • The friend that’s always badgering you about why you’re upset, the brother that wants an account of every boy his sister hangs out with.
  • Both animals are related species and are members of the Mustelid family, which also includes mink, badgers and weasels.
  • I was born in this house and as a boy, I remember often seeing foxes, badgers and weasels around the place.
  • In their search for food, most of which is comprised of burrowing rodents, badgers tear up large areas of earth with powerful digging claws on their forefeet.
  • He’s been badgering us for about five minutes now with his wretched droning, and if I’m exposed to much more of it I’m going to bite someone.
  • Dad’s been badgering me to get a webcam for ages – since I arrived in Japan, actually – so we could videoconference with each other.
  • Foxes, red squirrels, badgers , hares, otters, Scottish wild cats, seals and bottle-nose dolphins can be seen if you have the dedication to find them.
  • My husband had been badgering me for months to tie up some savings in the bonds.
  • He says he was only cajoled into being a public figure by his wife and son badgering him to avoid the silent comforts of the library.
  • My guess is, that clerk didn’t feel stupid about it at all, until the Times reporter started badgering him.
  • There is no mind-jarring pop music to shred your thoughts and, more importantly, no irksome rash of timeshare touts badgering you to buy a dream in the sun.
  • It didn’t take long before the spilt food attracted mice, and the mice attracted badgers, and the badgers attracted crazy porcupine things that we call Critters.
  • This is merely badgering the witness and editorialising, so you know, Senator, on both grounds your propositions are out of order.
  • Pocket gophers, gopher tortoises, ants, badgers , prairie dogs, wild pigs, and grizzly bears are just a few of the animals that can alter ecological structure and function.
  • You can almost see the foam dripping from their mouths as they behave like lawyers badgering a witness.
  • But I have, for a long time, called him Badger, for his propensity of badgeringand harassing young women with whom he fancies himself in love.
  • Is the News of the World suggesting that the BBC should have released his name sooner so that other journalists could start badgering him earlier over the affair?
  • To those press people and television reporters badgering me, it was easy for them to talk about George in the past tense even as he lay on a hospital bed.
  • When a grade six friend wrote an essay about the computer work his brother was doing down the road at the University of Waterloo, Stumpf badgered the friend’s brother into taking him along to the university.
  • Above all, though, I’ve constantly badgered my husband, friends and colleagues asking: ‘What’s the time?’
  • Prairie dogs also provide food for the swift fox, the coyote, weasels, snakes, badgers , hawks and golden eagles as well as crucial habitat for many other native plants and animals.
  • The old prison is now a museum, and the nearby wildlife park has rare Scottish wildcats as well as silver foxes, badgers , deer and wallabies.
  • How many nine-year-olds can be bothered to empathize with the serving staff in the local mall, when their time could be much more profitably filled by badgering their parents for junk food?
  • They do, however, both belong to the same Mustelidae family which also encompasses badgers, skunks and otters, and that’s close enough for us.
  • A little higher off the forest floor, they can tick red squirrels, badgers, otters and foxes off their nature checklist, and if they are lucky, spot herds of red deer bounding over the hillside.



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