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Definisi rematch
a second match or game between two teams or players.
The first playoff game saw a rematch of their last round-robin game against the Brokenhead team from Red Deer.
Tuesday night, in a rematch with the Nets, he scored 27 points and led the Wizards to a 105-92 victory.
The rematch of those two is in the Connacht Indoor Championships on Saturday, March 1.
The first playoff game saw a rematch of their last round-robin game against the Brokenhead team from Red Deer.
As we walked back to the house we talked about the games that we had played and the idea of having a rematch again.
Sunday’s consolation game was a rematch against Western Washington University.
In fact, I’m guessing they’ll have to pry him loose from the furniture if they want to get him out of his dressing room for a rematch with Marco.
Mike and Angie took the goals and the rematch ended in a one shot victory for Mike’s team.
The outcome of the rematch was never in doubt, but sloppy play plagued both teams.
Barry had turned down several hundred thousand dollars for a rematch with Holyfield immediately after the 1984 Olympics.
The championship game was a rematch of last year’s final, as it pitted the two top seeds against each other.
The two teams play a rematch this weekend as the major semi final.
The team played strong but lost their games, including a rematch with UBC.
However, petty squabbles begin to drive the team apart just before their rematch with the Yankees for the league championship.
In boxing the rematch is rarely as good as the original fight.
Corrales is a great fighter and great fighters deserve rematches .
Fighters no longer fight every six weeks, but instead every six months, and rematches are often very difficult to make.
Hagler always won rematches and beside, he would not have made the same mistakes twice.
The rematches might look nothing like the previous meetings.
He disputes the idea that higher turnout alone would change the outcome for any of these rematches .
On paper, the four contests, all of them rematches of regular-season games, certainly seem like they’ll be worth the price of admission.



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