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Definisi treasury
the funds or revenue of a government, corporation, or institution.
the country’s pledge not to spend more than it has in its treasury
sinonim: coffers, purse, finance department, bank, revenues, finances, funds, moneys
a place or building where treasure is stored.
They passed treasuries , armouries, vast stores of knowledge which no-one could read and other, stranger rooms where odd lights glittered and air froze into glittering streamers which hung in the air.
  • coffers, purse, finance department, bank, revenues, finances, funds, moneys
  • rich source, repository, storehouse, treasure house, fund, mine, bank, treasure trove
  • anthology, collection, miscellany, compilation, compendium
  • treasury department, department of the treasury
  • exchequer
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David’s treasury was filled with booty from his conquests; Solomon’s with tribute payments and the profits from burgeoning international trade.
While he conceded that borrowing might be necessary in the early part of a war, before the revenue from war taxes began to flow into the treasury , he insisted that borrowing be kept to a minimum as a temporary expedient only.
According to health department officials, this will deliver double benefits: reducing the consumption of cigarettes as well as providing more tax revenues for the treasury .
In the museum we have a pyxis that was once a container for the Eucharist and stored in a churchtreasury .
the landowners’ estates and assets were seized for the imperial treasury
Henry VII had kept the peace and filled his treasury
Chile, in contrast, is said to have built up a surplus in its public treasury before undertaking its pension reform.
All souls were created at the beginning of time, and are stored in a celestial treasury until the time of birth.
Following World War I, the family deposited the major part of its treasury in the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest.
The signed treaty also helped to heighten the likelihood of prompt flows of revenue into the nationaltreasury from oil and gas exploitation.
Next door to it is a museum, reportedly a treasury of art and sculpture.
He adds that it is necessary because, after he raised the corporate tax in the 1990s, funds to thetreasury actually fell, as companies used loopholes to avoid taxes.
The latter in 1800 erected a group of buildings known as The Residency which included administration offices, a treasury , an armoury, living quarters, a church and a banqueting hall.
For the economy, this means among other things, negative effects on earnings, employment and revenue accruals to the treasury .
The cross, just under four feet long, will go on display in the coming months in the treasury of the National Museum in Kildare House, along with the nation’s other priceless treasures.
He found his inspiration in the Jewellery Gallery of the Hermitage in St Petersburg, the greatesttreasury of western art in Russia.
There are unrealistic expectations both of Martin himself – which have been fed by his strategy of trying to be all things to all people – and of the capacity of the federal treasury to fund new programs.
Pat also took up bee-keeping and fly-fishing and became a volunteer at Winchester Cathedral, working in both the Triforium Gallery and the treasury .
The treasury has been converted into a bright little museum of censers, illuminated manuscripts and paintings.
At the same time, the central government was engaged in privatizing moribund state firms and assets, which supplemented the treasury ‘s revenue intake.
Since the district banks are owned not by the federal government but by the commercial banks, reductions in the discount rate do not affect the public treasury .
The money they control comes out of their own pockets, not from the rich coffers of a corporatetreasury or from hapless public investors.
the old town is a treasury of ancient monuments
The structure consisted of The Abbey Church, dormitories, cloister, chapter house, treasury , parlours, kitchen, refectory, workshops and stores.
the country’s pledge not to spend more than it has in its treasury
the old town is a treasury of ancient monuments
It has pursued a deliberate policy of bankrupting the public treasury in order to finance tax breaks for the rich.
At the same time, a profit-sharing mechanism would be formulated to retain some of their profits to the public treasury .
Any excess money is stored in gold or silver in the country’s treasury and saved for times of war.
And that, in turn, is what provides revenues to the federal treasury , which enable you then to pay for things.
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