Definisi quarterback
a player positioned behind the center who directs a team’s offensive play.
Rookie quarterbacks deal with offensive playbooks that dwarf the ones they studied in college.
play as a quarterback for (a particular team).
He quarterbacked the football team to a league title.
Quite often, everyone is acting independently, with the exception of the accountant, the quarterback .
I knew I wasn’t going to be a quarterback or a linebacker or anything like that.
We intent to make the announcement today that we have added, to borrow a football term, a truequarterback for this team, and a leader and a mentor.
The team filled its needs by signing veterans at defensive tackle, wide receiver and quarterback and on the offensive line.
For the first time, one school had a quarterback and two running backs drafted in the first round.
Look for the team to add a quarterback and offensive linemen on Day 2 of the draft.
When a shot is taken by your team, the quarterback is usually running back to mid-court for defensive balance.
His ability to quarterback the team has also allowed Payton to operate without as many double-teams.
Key to it is creating a new director of national intelligence, a quarterback , if you will.
Let that be a lesson to all of the NFL teams that believe a quarterback has to be rushed into the lineup.
Just about every NFL team has a quarterback in place who is viewed as the future of the franchise.
You’re just going to be our personal quarterback for the season.
The commander is the most unique position in that it allows one player to quarterback the entire team’s operations.
He quarterbacks his team like a drill sergeant, constantly shouting out instructions.
He quarterbacked the football team to a league title.
Long was at his best in the big games, relentlessly pursuing quarterbacks and running backs.
Shula also quarterbacked the first losing team after Bryant, finishing 5-6 in 1984.
‘We were always totally prepared,’ says Robbie Bosco, who quarterbacked the Cougars’ 1984 national title team and now is a member of Gary Crowton’s BYU staff.
It has been four years, three teams and countless off-the-field incidents since Kerry Collinsquarterbacked a playoff team.
‘My wife put the phone up to his ear and said he was blinking,’ says Kelly, who quarterbacked the Buffalo Bills to four straight Super Bowls in the ’90s.
You never can write off a team quarterbacked by Brett Favre, but you have to wonder whether Green Bay’s window of opportunity is closing.
Both teams started their backup quarterbacks but neither finished the game.
Yet even after McNair quarterbacked the Titans to the Super Bowl in the 1999 season, most of the attention – and the credit – continued to be directed toward George.
The Super Bowl is the place where American football’s great quarterbacks go to get rings and establish legacies.
He couldn’t grip the ball quite as well, and backup Neil O’Donnell – yes, the same Neil O’Donnell thatquarterbacked the Steelers to the Super Bowl all those years ago – was forced to come in.
Should the selection of the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court be quarterbacked by a man who is currently the subject of an on-going criminal investigation?
They are the quarterbacks , the lead singers, the objects of admiration and envy.
Brett Favre, whose 27 touchdown passes tied for the NFC lead, has quarterbacked the same team longer than any NFL signal caller.
He quarterbacked his team to a flag football title, coached a B-league championship, took the A-league softball crown in 1998 with Black Magic, and even added a ping pong championship as icing on the cake.
Both teams have strong-armed quarterbacks and dangerous receivers.
Lihat juga
hovering over a public toilet in the quarterback position and taking a shit trying not to touch the seat with your ass.
Dude, that bathroom was so filthy I had to quarterback it!



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