Terjemahan dari fluffy
smooth, fine, subtle, delicate, refined, fluffy
berbulu halus
downy, fluffy, fuzzy
agak mabuk
tipsy, beery, fluffy, mellow, sprung, capernoited
Definisi fluffy
of, like, or covered with fluff.
fluffy white clouds
sinonim: fleecy, woolly, fuzzy, hairy, feathery, downy, furry, soft
lacking substance, depth, or seriousness.
the commercial wallows in soft, fluffy, feel-good territory
  • fleecy, woolly, fuzzy, hairy, feathery, downy, furry, soft
  • flossy, downy
  • Big J’s meal came with creamy mashed potatoes and veggies, while mine was sidelined by fluffy rice and veggies.
  • A fluffy white bathrobe and towel are handed to each person as they arrive at the Roman inspired building.
  • Maybe it was the print I saw, but they looked like fluffy cottonwool white echtachrome clouds to me, floating in a postcard blue sky.
  • All of the recipes were easy and yielded light, fluffy cakes.
  • As fluffy , shallow and silly as such segments might be, they pique viewer interest, particularly among women.
  • A sight, that I can say with some confidence, stirs the soul to a light and fluffy texture.
  • Cream butter and sugar until light, fluffy and pale.
  • From light and fluffy chocolate mousse or bitter chocolate sorbet to steamed chocolate fudge pudding or rich, dense chocolate cake, there is surely a recipe to suit all tastes.
  • Whisk until you get a fluffy peanut butter mixture of sorts.
  • What do you expect with all those fluffy white clouds tumbling outside my window?
  • The bathroom accessories department reminded me that I hadn’t washed anything for a few weeks, so I’d better buy a fluffy white bath towel.
  • It is touchy, feel good, fluffy legislation that does only one thing.
  • Roads were dry, the sky was covered with huge fluffy clouds and the moon looked like a golden bowl as half of it was covered with fluffiness.
  • In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle, beat sugar and butter until light and fluffy .
  • The best of our tapas starters was unquestionably the goat’s cheese croquettes – light and fluffy inside a crisp breadcrumb coating.
  • What if it’s all fluffy white clouds and precious thoughts from here on out?
  • Their feeling is that the core theme of the movie is too fluffy to take seriously, and isn’t worthy of making into a movie.
  • The fluffy chocolate bomb-shaped ice cream was devilishly lovely and the saraga liqueur gave it a real bang.
  • Soon I’m booking myself in for a foot massage and a shower with a fluffy white towel.
  • These small, oval, soft-bodied insects are covered in a white fluffy substance and resemble small cotton balls.
  • And to cast someone like me, who can be quite evasive in terms of avoiding seriousness, I can just befluffy , because it’s easier.
  • It is very popular with kids, who love a simple, moist and fluffy cake.
  • The cake was moist and flavorful and dense and rich and the icing was light and fluffy and sweet and gloppy.
  • A number of fluffy clouds had just covered part of the sun making the sky turn slightly orange.
  • She’s no man-hater (she sees the term as a contradiction) but she’s not fluffy or insipid either, she writes tough and she writes the truth.
  • Do women really want a fluffy , cuddly agenda because they genuinely think differently?
  • They are stepping gingerly onto a huge, fluffy , white cloud that the Pink Teddy uses as a mode of transportation.
  • We are signing up to fluffy, feel-good legislation that we cannot enforce, and if we do, we will run the risk of scooping up people whom we should not be attacking.
  • Then my back was covered in a mud pack, wrapped in a plastic sheet and covered in soft, fluffy towels.
  • Her eyes met two violet ones, attached to an elven face with a head covered in fluffy white.



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