Terjemahan dari sacrifice
sacrifice, give, give up, victimize, forfeit, immolate
sacrifice, bleed
sacrifice, victimization, immolation
victim, toll, sacrifice, scapegoat, butt, oblation
Definisi sacrifice
an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure.
they offer sacrifices to the spirits
sinonim: ritual slaughter, offering, oblation, immolation
offer or kill as a religious sacrifice.
the goat was sacrificed at the shrine
sinonim: offer up, immolate, slaughter
  • ritual slaughter, offering, oblation, immolation
  • (votive) offering, burnt offering, gift, oblation
  • surrender, giving up, abandonment, renunciation, forfeiture, relinquishment, resignation,abdication
  • forfeit, forfeiture
  • offer up, immolate, slaughter
  • give up, abandon, surrender, forgo, renounce, forfeit, relinquish, resign, abdicate, betray
  • give
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You may raise to put pressure on the opponents, to compete for the contract or to sacrifice .
People making a pilgrimage (religious journey) are expected to sacrifice a goat or sheep and offer the meat to the poor.
She gives daily discourses emphasizing that the ritual sacrifice of animals or birds is a crime.
Debate also began in the late Middle Ages, developed in the Reformation, and continues to this day on the extent to which the Eucharist is a sacrifice .
We can never sacrifice democracy and the values of liberty in favour of social change.
Did he die as the Lamb of God – an atoning sacrifice to bear away our sins?
The practice of santeria involves healing rituals, spirit possession, and animal sacrifice .
Fortunately, the band doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of variety.
The ‘guillotine card’ is to be used when your crazy partner makes a vulnerable sacrifice against non-vulnerable opponents.
A Jesuit priest of the party offered the sacrifice of the mass, which in that region of the world had never been celebrated before.
Yield your understanding to be taught of God, yield your heart to be purified and educated for God, yield your life (to be) a sacrifice to God.
It means you have to leave home and that requires a big sacrifice in terms of leaving your family behind.
We are willing to make a sacrifice for the long-term good.
the ancient laws of animal sacrifice
Isn’t the sacrifice of a pawn a bit extreme, though?
Maybe she really wants to stay with the company long term, and the sacrifice of doing reports for a few months is a small one compared to her career with the company.
And when Aslan rises, the ancient stone altar on which the sacrifice was offered cracks and crumbles in pieces, never to be used again.
After all, both in reality and cinema, heroism consists of self-sacrifice: the sacrifice of life and freedom.
Abraham is commanded to take his son Isaac on a journey to a mount in the land of Moriah and there offer him as a sacrifice to God.
Christ never so eminently appeared for divine justice, and yet never suffered so much from divine Justice, as when he offered up himself a sacrifice for our sins.
Thus, within this horizon of understanding, Jesus and Jesus alone was capable of offering an acceptable sacrifice to God.
But, more than that, His death was a sacrifice offered to the Father in payment for our sins.
This is where Abraham went up to offer Isaac as a sacrifice and later remarked as the Bible records.
Salem has made it clear that it won’t sacrifice its values for profit, even stating so in its annual report.
Is Jesus Christ our High Priest Who sat down at the right hand of God after His sacrifice as the Messiah?
In accepting money from Washington, religious groups will inevitably sacrifice a degree of independence.
God provided a second Adam – a perfect Adam who could be the perfect sacrifice … God himself came to earth as a man.
The Sacrifice of the Mass in no way detracts from the sacrifice which Christ offered on the Cross.
The Priest offers himself as a sacrifice to make peace with God.
He came to die for the ungodly and offer Himself as a sacrifice to God for their salvation.
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