Terjemahan dari relic
barang peninggalan
heritage, heirloom, relic, bequest, heirdom
corpse, remains, bones, relic, clay, clod
peninggalan jaman dulu
barang milik orang keramat
Definisi relic
an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.
The saddle no longer looked like an interesting historical relic but an instrument of torture.
sinonim: artifact, historical object, ancient object, antiquity, antique
  • artifact, historical object, ancient object, antiquity, antique
  • remains, corpse, bones, cadaver
  • token, souvenir, keepsake
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the supermodel has become an embarrassing relic from the early 1990s
The award is something of a quaint relic – freemen have the right to graze sheep on common ground.
To them, Sonny was an anachronism, a relic from a primitive time when the locomotive was technology’s cutting edge.
The 65,000-square-foot structure was a relic of the 1970s, designed to house the post office’s old computer system.
The doctors who were tending to the Pope during his final hours are auctioning off a sample of the Pope’s blood as a holy relic .
The violence he remembered was no local riot: it was part of a chain of violence that had been set off by the theft of a holy relic from the Hazrat Bal mosque in 1964.
Coombs was a relic of an earlier, gentler time, when the privacy of public officials (even politicians) was normally regarded as sacrosanct.
Indeed, there is a relic in the historical museum of the University of Lund which is said to be a piece of the tree under which the Holy Family rested on their famous journey.
It, in a sense, is a relic of an earlier age of procedure.
But in election year 2004, the film views like a historical relic .
The holy relic is believed to protect the 25 sq. km. former Portuguese colony, on the doorstep of China, from natural disasters.
No longer a ‘basic sauce’, the demi-glace is now considered to be a relic of an archaic form of cookery referred to respectfully as cuisine classique but no longer practised.
I hope also to show that perennial philosophy is not an historical relic , a cast-off from an alien time, fit only for the cramped exegesis of modern historians of ideas.
The saddle no longer looked like an interesting historical relic but an instrument of torture.
By the 1840s, however, there was growing interest in antiques, and this bowl may well have been given to the church as a historical relic .
In Scotland, however, the old code remained legal and came to be viewed simultaneously as a relic of outmoded ways of life and as a sign of modernity.
What is so important about her is that even at the age of 92, she is no relic of the early twentieth century but continues to be a prolific commentator on her world.
Some of the most interesting photographs are of relics from the War of 1812 and a captured bell from the Philippine Insurrection of 1899.
People have a long history of conserving paintings, buildings and religious relics .
But, somehow, those posters seemed past it, (like himself) relics of an earlier decade.
Needless to say, with the rapid improvements being made in DLP technology, in a few years both color breakup and motion artifacts will likely be historical relics .
With the canonisation of the Confessor in 1161, his regalia gained the status of holy relics , further increasing the veneration with which they were regarded.
Thirty years from now the big university campuses will be relics .
The kings and the Council of Elders are relics of an archaic system.
Some worry that after 96 years its members have become disengaged, its methods anachronisticrelics of 1960s protest.
No longer living beings, they stare out at us as preserved relics from a lost time.
Instead of being regarded with panic or horror, these relics are reverenced.
Rationally speaking, it is one of a small family of great universal museums, the huge monster museums which are relics of the imperial period of history.
It has some 4 million residents and is known for its beaches, hot springs, resorts and historic relics .
There is no need to collect relics of his life.
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