Terjemahan dari discrepancy
difference, distinction, discrepancy, diversity, divergence, disparity
discrepancy, incompatibility, incongruity, dissonance
discrepancy, asymmetry
incompatibility, discrepancy, dissonance, clash, incongruity
Definisi discrepancy
a lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts.
there’s a discrepancy between your account and his
sinonim: difference, disparity, variance, variation, deviation, divergence, disagreement, inconsistency, dissimilarity, mismatch, discordance, incompatibility, conflict
  • difference, disparity, variance, variation, deviation, divergence, disagreement, inconsistency,dissimilarity, mismatch, discordance, incompatibility, conflict
  • variance, divergence, disagreement
  • variant, variance
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The discrepancy in gender ratio is due to the fact that there are half as many events for women.
If that were true, a simple averaging of the two prices could eliminate the discrepancy .
The matter only came to light when a spectator noticed the discrepancy and it ended with the umpires taking both sides off the field.
A registration check revealed a discrepancy in the car’s number plate, raising suspicions.
The company was not able to explain the reason for the discrepancy or the whereabouts of the missing 11,000 cars.
He then informed members about the discrepancy at their annual general meeting and the matter was reported to the police.
The result, as the discrepancy in water consumption shows, is neither equitable nor reasonable.
But this reply gives a perfectly reasonable explanation for the apparent discrepancy .
This discrepancy along with other diagnostic tests indicated that he was dyslexic.
there’s a discrepancy between your account and his
there’s a discrepancy between your account and his
What about the discrepancy between the funding of softball and other sports?
Why the discrepancy between the official statistics and those quoted by Tim?
Simulations show that different estimators are increasingly discrepant with a decreasing amount of marker information.
The survey into the highs and lows of brochure holiday prices confirmed huge discrepancies across the country.
On the other hand, there may be some minor discrepancies due to local variations.
Not surprisingly, bigger discrepancies were prevalent in the social class of readers.
Beneath discrepancies and divergences there lay a shared basis of belief.
It is this variation that he says created the discrepancies in this year’s results.
Methodological differences between the current and previous studies may explain these discrepantfindings.
Versions of this fantasy appear in all creeds, with discrepant degrees of literal-mindedness depending on the date and on the society.
Many of the differences between the two cultural groups become rather lucid in the light of thesediscrepant histories.
Surveys and conventions are to be held on this issue to sort out differences and discrepancies .
The similarities in their recollections vastly outweigh the discrepancies .
In fact, children’s understanding of emotion skills and their utilization of emotion skills in an actual situation may be discrepant .
The reasons for the discrepancies may in fact be variabilities between the investigated cells, tissues or plants.
It apparently does away with the discrepancies between the different districts.
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