Terjemahan dari suppress
press, suppress, push, depress, hold down, compress
oppress, suppress, repress, crush, trample, stifle
hold, withstand, resist, keep, restrain, suppress
hide, conceal, disguise, suppress, mask, withhold
immerse, sink, suppress, jail, duck, scuttle
extinguish, put out, quell, quench, turn off, suppress
suppress, muzzle, throttle
censor, suppress, check, muzzle, throttle
silence, quiet, shush, hush, squelch, suppress
suppress, pay no attention, ignore, disregard, pass over, make no mention of
mumble, mutter, suppress
mutter, suppress, hum and haw, prattle
squash, suppress, overbear, weigh, oppress, press with heavy
devour, suppress, smash, eliminate, wipe out
soothe, hush, silence, calm, pass over, suppress
Definisi suppress
forcibly put an end to.
the uprising was savagely suppressed
sinonim: subdue, repress, crush, quell, quash, squash, stamp out, defeat, conquer, overpower, put down, crack down on, end, stop, terminate, halt
  • subdue, repress, crush, quell, quash, squash, stamp out, defeat, conquer, overpower, put down, crack down on, end, stop, terminate, halt
  • conceal, restrain, stifle, smother, bottle up, hold back, control, check, curb, contain, bridle,inhibit, keep a rein on, put a lid on
  • censor, keep secret, conceal, hide, hush up, gag, withhold, cover up, stifle, ban, proscribe,outlaw, sweep under the carpet
  • conquer, stamp down, subdue, inhibit, curb
  • repress
  • bottle up, inhibit
  • crush, oppress
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Chemotherapy treatments suppress the making of various blood cells.
So is it healthier to express or suppress your feelings?
The networks could fight the politicians on First Amendment principles, arguing that it’s insane tosuppress newsworthy information.
Instead they are letting these kinds of groups become popular and then trying to suppress them by stamping on democracy and freedom of speech.
This is a step to bind the working class, sweep aside any right won in the past with its own strength and suppress any uprising if it occurs.
Whether anger is triggered by external events such as traffic jams, or by internal worrying, researchers are still unsure if it’s healthier to express or suppress the emotion.
This is a particular concern because you are on immunosuppressant drugs, which suppress your immune system’s ability to fight normal infections.
In fact, methods used to suppress the protests and uprisings, and witnessing staff in riot gear, caused ‘particular stress’ to children.
It seemed that everyone had either fled or already hurried down to the lower levels to suppress the uprising.
she could not suppress a rising panic
They also created a secret police force that was used to break strikes, arrest workers and suppressworking class freedom and democracy.
You’ve ceased to try to deal with the issues, and moved into attempts to suppress information to prevent others from even being exposed to the issues.
People who suffer emotional distress can turn to food to suppress their feelings, only exacerbating the problem.
she could not suppress a rising panic
Your drug regimen will include immunosuppressants – drugs that suppress the activity of your immune system.
Never once does he threaten to overpower or suppress them.
In contrast, PKC inhibition did not suppress the growth of normal mast cells.
Endogenous antimicrobial peptides can suppress bacterial growth for 3 to 6 hours.
In that way they hoped to suppress what they thought were his poisonous ideas.
He couldn’t suppress a shudder and curled up like a cat on the floor.
Instead of promoting justice in the case, his reaction, along with a group of newspaper editors, has been to suppress information about the case.
Deanna tried to suppress what looked like a smirk at this point.
This book is here to try and help you figure out ways to suppress the feelings of depression following someone’s death.
She continues to suppress information about the first trial to this day.
Nicholas smiled and tried to suppress his feeling of joy.
Spark plug wires that suppress electro-magnetic interference are a necessity in our electronics-rich race cars, but these wires can degrade over time.
They’ve also managed to suppress information about much of their activities.
If the arrest is dependent upon recombination, then preventing recombination should suppress the meiotic progression defect.
During the first, some were asked to express feelings of anger and others were asked to suppressthose feelings.
For three years, she had tried to subdue and suppress the aching questions and pleas of her heart and soul.
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to suppress, suppress one’s feeling



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