One of the anomalies of our approach to history is the propensity to study the venerable empire of Europe, but we do not feel it incumbent upon us to ascertain anything about the civilizations in our own hemisphere. We deprecate the history of this part of the world as though progress lay dormant and the other people were until the settlers of North America arrived at Playmouth Rock. In South America, from 2,000 B.C. until their empire reached its acme at the beginning of the 16th century, lived the Inca. The height of 11,000 feet. This civilization is reputed to have western part of the continent. Its population fluctuated between 4 and 7 million. This empire had a highly efficacious political and social system. Its potentate ruled with absolute power. As the empire conquered new lands it would disseminate its language, religion and social customs.

Terjemahan dari efficacious
potent, effective, efficacious, powerful, effectual, sure
efficacious, effectual, effective, sure, healing, sovereign
efficacious, effective
yg berhasil
successful, effectual, fruitful, blossomed, effective, efficacious
Definisi efficacious
(typically of something inanimate or abstract) successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective.
the vaccine has proved both efficacious and safe
sinonim: effective, effectual, successful, productive, constructive, potent, helpful, beneficial, advantageous, valuable, useful
  • effective, effectual, successful, productive, constructive, potent, helpful, beneficial,advantageous, valuable, useful
  • effective, effectual
  • No difference was noted concerning one tradition being more powerful or efficacious than any other.
  • The use of allogenic tissue in orthopaedic surgery is generally safe and efficacious .
  • The vaccine was presumed to be safe and efficacious .
  • The ultimately most efficacious way is to change a group belief is from within.
  • So the same event or object can have a number of properties, not all of which are efficacious in bringing about the same effect.
  • History and theory show that the use of naked government aggression is not a moral or efficaciousway of dealing with poverty.
  • Clinical trials are in progress and research is ongoing for developing a safe and efficacious vaccine against the disease.
  • It will prove efficacious to plant trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in the autumn because they will get their roots down faster during their first wet winter.
  • It may not mean that the ultimate result is not efficacious .
  • There may be occasions, for instance, when a dose of old-fashioned common sense can be asefficacious as a more sophisticated remedy.
  • Most of these drugs are efficacious and have enormously enhanced the power of the physician to treat and cure disease.
  • We want to know that what we do is not merely efficacious but right.
  • This process has resulted in the designation of many psychotherapy treatments as being efficacious .
  • These drugs may be used topically or systemically and are safe and efficacious .
  • A small comparison study demonstrated that these two drugs are equally efficacious .
  • Second, proving that a supposedly life extending drug will be efficacious is an extremely difficult task.
  • This brings us to another question: are we using our existing personnel in the most efficient andefficacious way?
  • Both drugs were equally efficacious in improving auditory hallucinations and suspiciousness.
  • When contemporary arts are produced for an international market, they can still be efficacious
  • During this era, biological discovery is accelerating, resulting in the development of safer and moreefficacious drugs.
  • Clinicians simply avoided them because accepted theories of disease mechanism and drug action offered no explanation for their efficaciousness .
  • Another edict was issued on December 16, 1074, after a serious drought in north China earlier in the year, requesting the names of deities in shrines and temples known to respond efficaciously to requests for rain.
  • Are you questioning whether these acts have any efficaciousness ?
  • Our policy has always been to get rid of the student loan scheme altogether, and, failing that, to reduce its negative impacts as quickly and efficaciously as possible.
  • Where he differs is in his claims about power and its alleged efficaciousness in bringing about ‘knowledge’.
  • Obviously some weapon systems are more effective than others, but the efficaciousness of air defence measures depend basically on the gap between the technological/industrial investment and output of the competing sides.
  • Some of these interpretations suggest that the new laws may not efficaciously exclude appeals based on natural justice.
  • Stating that the first big downpour is usually a test to check the efficaciousness of the drainage system, he said it had helped the department to gauge the problem areas in the city.
  • When I asked the clerk the size of one of the refrigerators, she tapped efficaciously into her computer, tapped again, swore under her breath, tapped again, and finally said she couldn’t get the dimensions to ‘come up.’
  • The efforts spawned in these early prevention projects were directed at acquainting students with HIV and risk, encouraging them to assess their individual risk, and then teaching them how to efficaciouslyreduce or avoid that risk.



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