Terjemahan dari rustic
rural, rustic, country, bucolic
rude, rough, coarse, bearish, rugged, rustic
simple, modest, humble, plain, unassuming, rustic
rustic, provincial
rural, rustic, country, bucolic
orang desa
villager, peasant, countryman, rustic, hayseed, bucolic
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Definisi rustic
of or relating to the countryside; rural.
constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular.
sinonim: plain, simple, homely, unsophisticated, rough, rude, crude
an unsophisticated country person.
Now he was like some Steven King rustic , issuing cryptic wisdom from the porch to a tourist who just wants directions to the hotel.
sinonim: peasant, countryman, countrywoman, bumpkin, yokel, country cousin, hillbilly, hayseed, hick, apple knocker, swain, cottier
  • rural, country, countryside, countrified, pastoral, bucolic, agricultural, agrarian, sylvan, georgic
  • plain, simple, homely, unsophisticated, rough, rude, crude
  • unsophisticated, uncultured, unrefined, simple, artless, unassuming, guileless, naive,ingenuous, coarse, rough, uncouth, boorish, hillbilly, hick, country-fried
  • hick, unsophisticated
  • countrified, countryfied
  • agrestic
  • peasant, countryman, countrywoman, bumpkin, yokel, country cousin, hillbilly, hayseed, hick,apple knocker, swain, cottier
Lebih sedikit sinonim
And if you never thought that rustic , preppy and retro chic couldn’t be combined, then you may not be ready for what the season has to offer.
This large room has a rustic oak floor and pine-panelled ceilings.
Instead it reminds us that men such as Dabney were hardly rustic provincials.
This is a vast improvement on the old one, but a bit rustic compared to other new clubhouses.
The idea for upscale rustic cuisine came to him in the most ideal of places – at Louie’s Backyard looking out over the ocean in Key West.
They build flower boxes, make picture frames from knotholes, and create rustic benches and tables.
‘The furniture of any era should advocate a return to rustic simplicity in the face of creeping industrialisation,’ she opined.
You can buy fantastic rustic style six foot fencing from B&Q cheap enough to encircle the whole garden.
The light sisal rug anchors the rustic tables, and the suedelike wall glaze in a caramel shade adds warmth to the knotty pine ceiling.
Like all tiny-room experts, they know the benefits of volume, and they’re serving up rustic Italian cuisine for a reason.
In other poems Marvell describes youths both male and female, both rustic and sophisticated.
The Inn offers rustic charm with all the modern conveniences.
As a contrast to these rustic , earthy dishes, I’m giving you my creme fraiche mousse with pears poached in caramel and wine.
The rustic country architecture and furnishings feel very south-of-France.
The island’s only true nudist retreat, it’s also the most rustic .
The furniture has the rough rustic feel you can only get from hand crafting and is reminiscent of old Morocco.
The region – best known for its great fortified port wines and some rustic dry reds – appears to be undergoing a renaissance of sorts.
He was thin and unusually refined for a self-educated New York rustic .
We didn’t move to Spain to recover some rustic , romantic, agrarian life.
A rustic stone wall lined the edge of the overlook.
Attached to the rustic old country house hotel was a gallery and a deli where we bought a mid-morning feast of focaccia, Persian feta and relish.
In his boyhood, the autobiographer is an unreconstructed rustic who might have stepped out of a pastoral elegy of Virgil or Theocritus.
These treatments often accentuate the natural or rustic look of rough sawn lumber and allow the wood grain and surface texture to show through the finish.
Old stone foundations are visible in the winter, remnants of a time when life was rustic and full of hardship.
Give furniture a rustic look by finishing it in a distressed, aged way.
Now he was like some Steven King rustic , issuing cryptic wisdom from the porch to a tourist who just wants directions to the hotel.
The lounge is big and homely, and there are rustic breakfast tables in the kitchen, with the option of eating outside in the lovely garden.
This old town Bristol sugar warehouse is warm and rustic but thankfully convincing too.
Having been to Costa Rica many times I still love this country with its friendly people and its rustic charm.
The restaurant has rustic farm tables to share and makes fantastic omelets.



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