(adj.) logically consistent, intelligible (William could not figure out what Harold had seen because he was too distraught to deliver a coherent statement.)
Terjemahan dari coherent
clear, obvious, evident, plain, vivid, coherent
bright, light, clear, candid, luminous, coherent
masuk akal
reasonable, plausible, rational, sound, coherent, reasoned
bertalian secara logis
saling berlengketan
yg mudah dimengerti
coherent, obvious
yg dicocokkan
yg dikoordinasi
yg dikoordinir
Definisi coherent
(of an argument, theory, or policy) logical and consistent.
they failed to develop a coherent economic strategy
sinonim: logical, reasoned, reasonable, rational, sound, cogent, consistent, consilient, clear, lucid, articulate, intelligible, comprehensible
united as or forming a whole.
divided into a number of geographically coherent kingdoms
(of waves) having a constant phase relationship.
There are of course lasers with wavelengths in the infrared, masers that emit coherent microwaves, and even x-ray lasers.
  • logical, reasoned, reasonable, rational, sound, cogent, consistent, consilient, clear, lucid,articulate, intelligible, comprehensible
  • tenacious
  • lucid, logical
  • consistent, ordered, logical
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The result is an ongoing series of autobiographical films, one of the most coherent bodies of work in the cinema.
There are of course lasers with wavelengths in the infrared, masers that emit coherent microwaves, and even x-ray lasers.
All of these elements recur again and again, helping to create the impression of a body of work that is remarkably coherent .
When she does catch what we are talking about she is very coherent and has intelligent comments to make.
The proposed national body would be a coherent group to represent the needs of all female sports in Ireland.
She only had a mild concussion and she was coherent and trying to get up and about – otherwise, not a scratch on her.
It does not have the centralisation of religious authority which can both unify people around a coherentset of values and prevent the emergence of extremes.
One is called on constantly to articulate and represent one’s practice as a coherent body of work.
Thus both sources must be read with the knowledge that a complete and coherent truth can never be fully retrieved.
It is not surprising that his administration has failed to produce a systematic, coherent policy on religion.
Here we have a coherent body of knowledge, which Lyndon LaRouche has developed.
Think security and the idea of assembling a coherent body of knowledge on a terrorist organisation.
When you and Blake split, you weren’t coherent about anything.
In other words, the phase of the coherent matter wave is well defined but the number of atoms fluctuates from site to site.
In dealing with the above topics various questions emerge: Are coherent theories and testable hypotheses presented?
He can put together a coherent policy programme which emphasises sensible reform of the public services and the tax and benefits system.
Consequently we have a relatively coherent body of knowledge about ancient Hawaiian healing practices.
Thanks to the fellow rider who saw the whole thing, pulled over, and made sure I was coherent .
But now that I’m finally coherent enough to write again, I went ahead and updated.
I can think of a lot of reasons why this is neither a good nor a coherent policy.
A laser differs from ordinary light because it is coherent light, but that is pretty much irrelevant for propulsion purposes.
We also have a coherent body of activists who are committed to changing the world.
Their industrial policies are coherent and substantial.
In this important new book, he suggests that what is lacking is a coherent theory of markets as social institutions.
It can be seen most clearly when a coherent wave is split into two partial waves that are then recombined to produce a pattern of bright and dark fringes on a screen.
Tattoos done in this manner – without a coherent plan for the body as a whole – are ‘guy’ tattoos.
Come on Chris, go study your contraception pamphlets and military briefing papers and come back when you’re coherent .
The district attorney just says there simply isn’t enough time to do what he needs to do in order to present a coherent argument tomorrow during this hearing.
It also developed a coherent body of theological and administrative opinion.
It presents a clear and coherent argument that applies historical analysis to a significant contemporary issue.



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