Terjemahan dari maladjusted
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Definisi maladjusted
failing or unable to cope with the demands of a normal social environment.
maladjusted behavior
sinonim: disturbed, unstable, neurotic, unbalanced, unhinged, dysfunctional, mixed up, screwed up, messed up
  • disturbed, unstable, neurotic, unbalanced, unhinged, dysfunctional, mixed up, screwed up,messed up
  • disturbed
Contoh maladjuste
But the big problem is that the economy has become so maladjusted and is in such an unstable state of flux.
If so, is the maladjusted economy poised for a spurt of activity with the positive resolution of today’s acute geopolitical concerns?
You could survey a women’s prison for six months and not find this many maladjusted , misguided females or omnipresent social ills.
We are in the backyards of two maladjusted households in adjoining row houses in a shabby South Philadelphia Italian-American neighborhood.
I mean, I don’t usually go out on a Friday night intending to get punched by maladjusted boyfriends.
Bubble excesses, including over-consumption and maladjusted investment, have engendered an increasingly untenable trade position.
Your not maladjusted , your just too damn smart for your own good.
The wildly maladjusted and unbalanced U.S. economy must suffer through a wrenching adjustment period.
At 60, Steve is a maverick of maladjusted moments.
High scorers are viewed as maladjusted , whiney, demanding, and quick-tempered.
I am the weird, ugly, maladjusted , malevolent girl.
The Credit system is too impaired, chastened investors and speculators too risk-averse, and the Bubble economy too maladjusted .
They were emotionally troubled, or socially maladjusted , or marginal in some more or less unattractive way, or quaintly anachronistic.
Ghost World realistically portrays the often obsessive, compulsive and maladjusted postures of youth.
Moreover, the maladjusted financial and economic systems function sporadically and poorly with only ‘minimal stimulation.’
This, clearly, is credit creation of very poor quality for an already maladjusted economy and increasingly unstable financial system.
As the California energy fiasco has demonstrated, the maladjusted U.S. economy is replete with inflationary ‘tinderboxes’ waiting for sparks.
They are socially maladjusted , and attention and dependence seeking.
Avoid at all costs, unless you are a co-dependent who likes to feel maladjusted .
They may feel maladjusted , even if they know that they are normal.
Darrow argued that ‘nothing happens in this world without a cause,’ and insisted on the boys’ socialmaladjustment and mental illness.
These negative outcomes may lead to social isolation, loss of status among peers, and psychologicalmaladjustment .
Culture shock triggers strain and feelings of discomfort, and can result in psychological maladjustment.
Johnson and Norem-Hebeisen noted that destructive conflict leads to social isolation which is associated with behavioral maladjustment .
Existing studies have primarily looked at the ideational content of self-statements within single domains of childhood maladjustment .
They bring some of these maladjustments to the college setting.



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