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berkeliaran mencari mangsa
Definisi prowl
(of a person or animal) move around restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of or as if in search of prey.
black bears prowl the canyons
sinonim: move stealthily, slink, skulk, steal, nose, pussyfoot, sneak, stalk, creep, snoop
an act of prowling.
I met her once on one of my off-duty bookstore prowls
  • move stealthily, slink, skulk, steal, nose, pussyfoot, sneak, stalk, creep, snoop
  • lurch
A nice patch of wild prairie, through which a Mega-Cat could prowl in search of prey had been replaced by a flat, featureless mud-plain.
It brings out deeply hidden atavistic instincts buried deep within you and you begin to prowl in search of prey.
A reduction caused by global warming in the massive sheets of Arctic sea ice that polar bears prowlfor their prey could have devastating consequences for the world’s largest land predator, a leading conservation group has warned.
While Rawlin and David, looking like mongrels back from a prowl , laugh and stare at us like we were some sort of surreal aliens.
Caliesen stopped his prowl around the room and looked at her, his big yellow eyes fixed on her.
black bears prowl the canyons
I want to live in a land in which wolves might prowl .
She very nearly made Edie feel inadequate by the sheer felinity of her movements, by the sensuous grace of her silent prowl , the lively flicks of her tail.
I have a daily prowl , like everyone else; I go here, here, here.
Suddenly my ears perked up, like a gazelle being alerted to a lion prowling about.
He sleeps curled up in dark corners and his movements consist largely of prowls and leaps.
The lines formed into elephants chewing sugarcane, tigers prowling and lions growling and then colour was filled to bring alive the green surroundings of the zoo.
This is a great way to experience the bush, especially up around the Okavango Delta in Botswana, when there’s no moon and the lions are prowling around the campsite.
Some where in the back of her mind an image flashed, a tiger prowling on a barren landscape.
We were huddled in a shadowy corner so that just in case anyone was prowling around they wouldn’t spot us.
Initially, the bears come prowling in search of roots, forbs, and berries in the moist riverine bottoms.
But when I see cats prowling on my property, I have no qualms about dousing them with water.
“Then we went into the tiger enclosure and there were three tigers prowling around really close.
Not expecting Remus for quite awhile I just prowled around, looking at old axes and shovels that had been left behind.
The Indians are constantly prowling around trying to steal our horses and kill straggling men.
The stars and crew of Coronation Street have become used to seeing politicians prowling round their place of work, as though a picture on the set of Britain’s most venerable soap opera is a political rite of passage.
Kathleen Fisher, of Clitheroe, was making a cup of tea on Boxing Day at her daughter’s home at Lindeth Farm, Winster, when she spotted a large black cat prowling in her neighbour’s garden.
There have been a few laughs around the village this week following the Democrat’s cover of the colonies of wild feral cats prowling around.
Janet prowled around the cart, pouncing on anything that moved.
Somewhere just outside the glow of the fire, a tiger prowled .
An imposing leather-clad figure whose movements reminded one of a large cat prowling .
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